With Teenage Years Come Its Challenges

Teenagers face challenges emotionally, mentally and physically.

With teenage years come its challenges which our extremely difficult to handle.  Children between the ages of 13 to 19 years go through a lot of changes in that period. It is that period of their lives where they are exposed to many things for the first time. These years are the most crucial in making or breaking a person. They go through tremendous changes physically, mentally and generally.  If you have a teenager around you, observe the erratic behavior that he/she might show on a daily basis. Parents must diligently guide their children through this period.

Teenage Challenges

Low self-esteem is the most common teenage problem that our children face today. Low self-esteem results from various factors. To discuss a few;

Physical Change

 These may be inevitable natural changes but how a young teen copes up with it depends from child to child.  Puberty is at its peak during the teenage period. They not only show changes inside the body but outside as well.  Their bodies grow rapidly. Teenagers will often find changes in their bodies that make them uncomfortable or insecure. Sudden spurt of acne, changes in genital organs or increase in body hair can all be overwhelming and intimidating. 

Peer Pressure

The desire to “fit in” often clouds the judgment of a teenager. The need to be accepted makes them do deeds which they might not do with a sane mind. Teenagers often wear the skin of the peer they want to become. They would participate in activities with bad consequences like smoking, drinking, sex etc. However, even after a lot of struggle many teenagers find themselves out caste. They feel isolated and have a low-esteem. With their inability to find a place in the group, they become less and less focused and take a path of self-destruction.


It is very common among teenagers as they are incapable of fighting the various battles put in front of them. Academics and the pressure of good grades is the most common reason for depression in them.  Low grades or weak performance in school often put them in a spot where they are criticized by both parents and teachers. Their status with peers, bullying in school etc. put a lot of pressure on a child leading to depression.

With Teenage Years Come Its Challenges
With Teenage Years Come Its Challenges


Teens often lack support from their family members. Parent’s vigilance is very important in molding a child. In order to be accepted by the world outside, teenagers often ignore their parent’s advice and follow their own. However, there are numerous ways through which parents can show support without being too intrusive or controlling. Topics which are new to teenagers must be discussed openly instead of finding it out the wrong way. Parents should understand them, communicate with them, trust and accept them, respect their decision and build their self-confidence. There is no method parenting, but with adequate steps and right guidance, parents can hope to see their children not fall into any challenges mentioned above.

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