Developmental Milestones Of Your Baby- A Quick Checklist

Congratulations! If you have just become a parent or is looking forward to being one in the next few months, then you have achieved a new milestone in life. Babies grow at a fantastic pace, and thus proper care should be taken at every stage of development. For example, the babies will double its weight by the end of the sixth month while it will become triple of her size by the end of her first birthday. Significant achievements like rolling over, standing and sitting up are known as developmental milestones.

Stages In A Baby’s Life According To Age

Stages in early childhood development are unique and vary from child to child. Here are a few things that you can expect from your baby by the time she is one year old:-

  • Keeping hands in the tight fists
  • Making different arm  movements
  • Preferring human face in comparison to other things
  • Hear very well and recognize sounds most likely including parents
  • Will be interested in black and white or high-contrast patterns

The growth in the first month is phenomenal in itself. Here are some points that the baby will make by the end of the third month.

  • Open and close hands
  • Keep palms near to the mouth
  • Play with toys, especially the toys that need hand movements
  • Stretch out legs and occasionally kick in the air
  • Start developing hands and eyes coordination
  • Support the upper body with the arms

Developmental Milestones After Seven Months

By the end of the seventh month, the baby is capable of rolling in both ways. He starts sitting down and can reach objects near him. Further, the baby is capable of holding its entire weight on his legs when he is made to stand upright. The baby now has learned to express his emotions through sounds while also being able to distinguish the feelings of other people while being able to develop full-color visions. At this stage, the baby is also capable of reaching out to other things and starts enjoying small but friendly games.

Why Developmental Stages In A Baby Are Important To Consider?
Why Developmental Stages In A Baby Are Important To Consider?

Developmental Milestone After One Year

By the time the baby is one year old, the baby has already learned many things. The baby could now sit without assistance and can crawl to things that they love. The kid has also learned a few words and has gained a few gestures to indicate his or her wishes. The curiosity is at its highest point, and the baby tries different methods to open up his toys and to know how it works. The baby becomes already familiar with hidden objects and can find them in a few minutes and can look at the correct picture when an image is named.

Developments By End Of Second Year

The first year was exciting and seeing your baby grow even more soothing. By the end of the second birthday, your baby should be able to walk alone and carry toys with him or her. The baby will also try to run and kick balls. The baby can now quickly get up and down on the furniture and would start scribbling with his crayons. This is certainly one of the major developmental milestones which you will enjoy.

Why Developmental Stages In A Baby Are Important To Consider?
Why Developmental Stages In A Baby Are Important To Consider?

The list will go on and on. One should not panic if your child’s developmental milestones don’t fit two or three characteristics. Every baby is unique and grows differently. It is normal for kids to excel in one and to lag in some other field.

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