Why Being A Parent Of 8-Week Baby Development Is Challenging

8 wk baby development

It is a very crucial milestone when your baby reaches an eight weeks milestone. As your baby is now two months old, you can see many physical changes in the baby. At this point, your baby can start feeling their legs, hands, and fingers. They will also start holding their head up whenever you pick them up. We usually see that the normal baby weighs 2-3 pounds after their birth. You can see the baby has a sleep of 5-6 hours at night at this point. Your baby might feel asleep in day time with some smaller nap, but the number of these naps may get reduced.

Taking Care Of 8-Week Baby Development

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While the baby is eight weeks old, they usually spit out the food during feeding or even after that. As they usually intake air also with food.

Place different objects close to your baby as they can touch and feel them. Slowly and steadily, they can develop visual and tactile perceptions.

While the baby is sleeping, they might kick a lot, so you have to take care that the baby cover is not out, making them feel cold. So you can choose a baby sleeping bag in which you can take rest properly.

During the eight-week baby development, babies usually get feed with bottles. But at this time, you can change the habit.

Tests And Vaccinations Of 8 Week Baby Development

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During the baby’s growth period, there are various medical tests and vaccinations that you have to take care of the baby. You can take your baby for regular check ups depending on the growth rate or weight gains. You also have to take your baby through other vaccinations like tetanus, whooping cough, polio, and HIB virus. You can get a proper vaccination schedule from your doctor for your baby. Even the Government is also taking some great steps to develop the babies and keep them safe from all the diseases. These vaccinations are really important for the baby for the whole life.

Problems Faced By An 8-Week Old Baby Parent

After completing the eight-week mark, your baby may go through various physical and mental developments, leading them to get tired early and getting frustrated. With all these, they may cry a lot. They may not feel good at any point in time, and it becomes a very hard job for the parents to calm down their baby. It takes so much effort to make their baby feel comfortable and relaxed. After giving birth to a baby, women usually face postnatal depression, which results in different depression or some mental problems, as this is one of the biggest life-changing moments for any woman. This postnatal depression may lead to low mood and feel sad. For being an 8-week baby development, it is truly a challenge for the parents.

For the 8-week baby development, being a parent, you have to take care of so many things, including many responsibilities with hectic days and nights.

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