What Is Covered On My Child Dependent Care Credit Application

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Qualifying parents are defined as anyone who lives with the taxpayer or who has an immediate family member who lives with the taxpayer. The purpose of this credit is to enable the eligible taxpayer to be financially rewarded for taking care of a child who needs extra medical care. The credit amount is determined by multiplying the dependent age in months by the taxpayer’s earned income.

 Demonstrate A Genuine Physical Need

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Parents who can demonstrate a genuine physical need for child care can take advantage of the tax incentives associated with child care. Those caring for a child with a chronic illness may be entitled to a higher credit. Likewise, those caring for an ailing parent may be able to take advantage of the tax credits granted for in home care. Those caring for a child who is mentally impaired will likely be able to get additional credits. Single parents will also qualify for child care benefits if they offer childcare services to their child, even if they do not earn enough money to qualify for Medicaid.

Fastest Growing Areas Of The U.S. Economy

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Child dependent care is one of the fastest growing areas of the U.S. economy. Statistics indicate that there are more than five million children living in households in the United States. An estimated 4.5 million children live in homes where both parents work.

In order to qualify for child care benefits, parents must demonstrate that they are actively caring for a child who is either: incapable of self-care; mentally impaired; or physically impaired. There are a number of other requirements that must be met, including: having a home that meets certain requirements (generally a minimum size and a minimal number of bedrooms), and providing care in a comfortable place that is safe for the child. Those who do not meet the requirements for child dependent care assistance may apply for Medicaid, which provides federal funding for those who are unable to care for themselves, or for children who are in need of special health care, and is available to anyone who may need it.

 Meet Certain Income And Assets Requirements

To receive Medicaid or child care assistance, you will need to meet certain income and assets requirements. In order to determine your eligibility for one of these programs, you will need to fill out a FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, a Social Security form that outlines your financial circumstances. You can download FAFSA forms from the website or a school’s financial aid department. If you do not have the documents needed, you can call the school to inquire about assistance for dependent care assistance. Each school has its own program set up for caring for children who are enrolled in Medicaid or child care.

Final Words

One thing that is often overlooked in child dependent care credit applications is what type of environment the parents create for the child. This includes their home. The social services departments at the local level usually do not keep detailed statistics on how many children live in single parent families or how many in separated or divorced families. However, child support law requires that children living in a home with an absent parent be cared for appropriately. Therefore, a social worker will review your child care credit application to make certain that adequate child dependent care credit is being awarded to you and your spouse. Once this is done, you can be sure to receive the financial help you need to care for your child.

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