Universal Child Care – Whats its Missing

universal child care

Universal child care is a way of providing all children in America with quality early childhood education and care. Every single psychologist in the world recognizes that early childhood is the key years of human development both mentally and emotionally. It should come as no shock to learn then that when kids have good early childhood care and education they perform better during elementary school, are less apt to engage in crime, and more likely to report higher incomes and greater emotional well being later on in life. If this is happening in your own neighbourhood, it is highly important to take steps now to provide quality early childhood education and care for all kids in your community. You simply can’t afford to let these precious few years go to waste.

All too often, pre-kindergarten classes in America exclude some of the most valuable and precious moments in a child’s life. This is especially true when it comes to early childhood education and care. The time that every child deserves to learn is right here in this classroom! Unfortunately, the vast majority of American families are finding it increasingly difficult to find quality teachers or early childhood centres who are willing or capable enough to work with those children. In order to give these kids the opportunity to thrive, you need to commit to offering them every child care and early childhood education you can handle.

Universal Child Care

Giving parents like you an opportunity to have their youngest children enrolled in quality pre-kindergarten classes and preschool is an important job. The goal is not just to get them into kindergarten; it’s also to prepare them for college and a successful future. Many parents are unaware that the success of their children comes from great teachers, a quality public education system, quality preschool and early childhood centres. And the best way to make sure that your children get the best possible start to life is to get them into the best possible preschool.

So you say that you want to work with your local school district to get your kids into a high-quality pre-kindergarten program. What do you need to do in order to make this happen? First, talk to your school board about establishing a coordinating agreement between your community colleges and the local public school system. This will provide the best possible start for your child, as you’ll have access to the same quality pre-kindergarten classes offered by the state’s largest early education system.

A Much Ado

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Talk to your state’s attorney general about creating a template for certification that all certified child care providers must follow. A good template should include specific requirements and standards such as how many hours of training and supervision a licensed provider must have undergone, what kind of medical records he or she must maintain, what kind of security information must be kept on file, what kinds of procedures must be followed when dealing with children and parents, what kind of immunization requirements must be met, what paperwork is needed, and what documentation he or she must fill out and file. The template will also tell you how to go about getting your child care provider certified, whether it’s best to just go with a more experienced provider, and what kind of documentation you should need to keep on file in case a problem arises. You can use these templates for other states as well, but it’s especially important for your state’s Early Childhood Registry (ECR).

Second, consider having a professional assigned to be in charge of looking after your oldest children. This is an especially important job if you have a number of youngsters living with you. An early childhood educator can be especially valuable, as he or she will have a thorough understanding of what it takes to provide high-quality care for younger children. If you don’t already have one on staff, find someone who’s interested in working with families in your area. Preferably, the individual should already have experience working with young patients.

Final Thoughts

Third, consider putting in place an early care education system so that your youngest children will be well-informed about the importance of early detection, prevention, and treatment of illness. In the US, too many children are admitted into speciality hospitals for conditions that could have been detected at an earlier age. That means there are fewer hours that these infants and toddlers spend in the hospital, and it means that the costs get higher. The cost-savings from investing in early care education systems will be recovered in less expensive care when the child comes home with fewer illnesses.

Finally, consider making a few improvements to your current setup. Give your preschooler’s a few extra toys, make sure your toddler is spending more time with older siblings, and encourage family members to become more involved with your child’s care. Universal child care is an excellent choice if you’re hoping to create an environment where your child learns basic social and communication skills at an early age. If you have doubts, start implementing some of the recommendations in this article.

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