How To Teach Your Children To Read

Many parents believe in teaching their children some basics at home before sending them to schools. This is quite beneficial as it prepares them effectively for school. That being said, many new parents often get confused about how to start teaching the kids at home. If you have entered into parenthood already and planning to start your child education at home, you are at the right place.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the best methods to encourage your children to read.

Use Nursery Rhymes And Songs

Using nursery rhymes and songs to teach your child can excite him/her and increase his/her enthusiasm to learn things. The rhythm and rhyme help the kids in hearing the syllables and sounds in words that help them in learning to read. An excellent method of building phonemic awareness can be clapping together rhythmically and reciting songs. This playful activity can be a fantastic method for developing literacy skills, which can prepare them to read.

Design Word Cards

Cut out cards and pen down words consisting of 3 sounds on them. Ask your kid to select one of them. The read that particular word together, holding up three fingers. Ask your child to tell the initial sound that he/she hears in that word first, then the next, and then finally the last one. This simple activity needs some preparations and develops important decoding and phonics skills.

Play Word Games

Play simple and easy word games with your children regularly which will be the next step in your child education. You can play these games anytime and anywhere. Aim at playing the games, which encourage your kid to hear, figure out, and manipulate sounds in words.

Tips For Teaching Children To Read
Tips For Teaching Children To Read

Understand The Key Expertise

It is essential for you to know that learning how to read generally encompasses several different skills and also an important milestone in child education. There are five important aspects of reading including Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, Reading Comprehension, and Vocabulary.

Play With The Letter Magnets

Middle vowel sounds are often tricky for the kids, and this activity has been designed to help in that aspect. Prepare the letter magnets over the refrigerator and pull off the vowels carefully to a side. Say a CVC (Constant-vowel-consonant) word and tell your kid to spell the same by making use of the magnets.

Read Together

Your child can pick up many different skills just through reading. Read with your child regularly. Reading regularly can help your kid to develop a fondness for reading that can help him/her in the future. You should also ask questions to your child after reading. This will strengthen the comprehension skills of your child. For the younger kids, try helping them engage with pictures. For the older kids, ask questions regarding the topics that they have just finished reading.

Tips For Teaching Children To Read
Tips For Teaching Children To Read

The Takeaway

Teaching the kids during their early childhood will help them to achieve many important skills that can help them throughout their life. Moreover, it can also make them smarter so that they can easily grasp important topics when they join the school. The tips mentioned above will help in your child education effectively and efficiently at home.



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