The Different Developmental Milestones of a Baby

Baby Developmental Milestones

The developmental milestones of a baby are an extremely important part of their growing process. With the right parenting tips, you don’t have to worry about.

You can track your baby’s milestones to ensure that your toddler develops as expected.

Do Not Underestimate the Importance of the First Month

The first month is extremely crucial. You will be surprised to see how much progress your baby has made just in the space of thirty days. By the time the first month ends, your baby will be able to:

  • Make quivering arm movements without any help
  • Explore the hands by bringing them closer to the face
  • Fist their hands
  • Sway the head from side to side when lying down
  • See objects that are 8 to 12 inches away clearly
  • Hear and even recognize certain sounds

The Seventh Month Sees Another of the Development Milestones

After the seventh month, you will notice that the baby has undergone further development and is even more independent than before. He or she will be able to:

  • Roll over from one side to another without any help
  • Sit without any assistance
  • Stretch the hand in order to reach for an object or toy
  • Juggle things from one hand to another
  • Support the whole weight of the body on legs
  • See in full-colour vision
  • Make use of mature distance vision that will help them spot familiar people and things from afar
  • Use the voice in order to express happiness or displeasure
  • Perceive and respond to own name
  • Say chains of consonants
  • Understand the concept of mirror images
  • Differentiate between emotions based on the tone of voice
  • Feel new objects with the help of the hands and mouth

Development Milestones – What Happens When Your Baby Turns One

By the time the baby turns one, you will notice that they can:

  • Sit down without any help from elders
  • Position themselves on their hands-and-knees
  • Crawl from one place to another
  • Learn to stand by pulling self up
  • Walk with the help of some furniture support
  • Use the pincer grasp
  • Say their first coherent words and phrases
  • Imitate words and actions
  • Respond to simple verbal requests
  • Make gestures with their hands and their head
  • Explore new things by grabbing, clutching and throwing them
  • Find hidden objects

The Second Birthday Development Milestones

By the second birthday, they will be able to:

  • Walk without any help
  • Pull the toys with their hands while in motion
  • Carry more than one toy when walking from one place to another
  • Run with slow steps
  • Climb low furniture without any kind of assistance
  • Kick a ball
  • Travel up and down the stairs with some additional support
  • Draw on a piece of paper
  • Use blocks to make towers
  • Recognize familiar people, body parts and objects using the senses
  • Speak single words and simple phrases
  • Sort objects on the basis of shapes and colours
  • Develop a knack for make-believe and imitation

Prepare your checklist. You will be surprised how quickly your baby goes through these different development milestones.

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