The Different Child Development Stages

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There are a number of different ways in which children develop at different stages of their lives. We will discuss some of the developmental stages and how they relate to child development studio. Of course, it is important to understand that there are many different stages that go along with different developmental stages.

 Different Child Development Stages
Different Child Development Stages

First Child Stage : Birth

The first child stage is Birth. As the fetus develops inside the mother’s womb, the child gains a sense of sensation through their eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and limbs. They will be able to feel the warmth of the mother’s skin. In terms of motor skills, they will begin to learn about their own body through the use of their hands and feet.

The second child stage is Childhood. With the increase in the functionality of the human brain, children can now move about independently and learn the fundamentals of language.

Once the child begins to reach four years of age, they have become self-aware and able to communicate. During this age they will begin to form relationships with their peers and begin to develop an independent personality.

The third child development stadia are Pre-adolescence. During this time the child will now have the ability to interact socially.

During these years, the child will begin to experience romantic feelings and will explore the idea of sexuality and love. The child will be able to enjoy a degree of independence but will still be held back by the responsibility of caring for younger siblings.

 Different Child Development Stages
Different Child Development Stages

Other Important Steps Of Development : Different Child Development Stages

The fourth child development studio is Young Adult and Youth. The child is now physically active and will seek out physical activity for a variety of reasons. This stage will also include the development of a sense of self and independence.

The fifth child development studio is Old Adult and Senior. In this stage the individual has started to travel and is now beginning to look to socialization and traveling as a means of survival.

The sixth child development studio is The Elderly. This is the time when the individual has had enough with socialization. And is seeking to find solitude in their old age.

The seventh child stages are very important to observe. For those who are involved in child welfare and early intervention services. Hence The seventh child developmental stadia are an age of self-awareness and self reliance.

Therefore By observing the seventh child developmental stadia. You will be able to determine if your child is at the onset of development or is beyond this stage. Also If the child is nearing the seventh child developmental stadia. They will be more comfortable talking about sex and pregnancy, drugs, and alcohol.

The seventh child developmental stage is where the individual will be more interested in dating and marriage. Hence There will be a greater degree of independence and the individual will have a higher level of self-reliance.

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