The Best Guide To Follow On Milestones for Baby Development

The Best Guide To Follow On Milestones for Baby Development

No doubt each baby is different but every baby shows common signs when it comes to development. Failing to show such signs means the baby might not have normal development like others or have a developmental delay. If you have recently become parents for the first time and want to know what signs your baby will show during the first six months of his/her life, we are here to help. Follow this guide on milestones for baby development and check for yourself where your baby is lagging:

Milestones For Baby Development: The 1st Month

Baby development stages are complex and have their own characteristics. Expect these development signs in your baby during the first four weeks of his/her birth:

Milestones for Baby Development
The Best Guide To Follow On Milestones for Baby Development
  • The newborn develops jaundice that will take some time to fade.
  • The newborn’s skin can peel a little.
  • Skin can become red on the face or neck. Strawberry marks can appear. All these marks are common and will quickly fade away.
  • Genitals of your little one can be swollen. However, they will get back to normal in a few weeks’ time.
  • Movements such as moving head from one side to another, bringing hands toward the mouth, reflex movements, and making tight fists.
  • Hearing and visual signs such as wandering eyes, turning toward familiar voices and reacting to high-contrast patterns.
  • Recognizing the scent of his/her mother’s breast milk.

If your baby doesn’t show these signs, seek your pediatrician. Also, consult the pediatrician if your little one doesn’t blink whenever a light is shown to him/her. If the baby seems stiff, doesn’t follow a nearby object, sucks poorly, or doesn’t respond to sounds, take him/her to the doctor.

Milestones For Baby Development: Till 3rd Month

By the time your baby is three-month-old, he/she will begin to smile after seeing people around. He or she will be able to express himself or herself with the face and body. By this time, babies will be able to:

  • Open their hands and shut them.
  • Raise their head, chest, or both while lying upside down.
  • Shake the toys like rattles.
  • Stretch their legs out.
  • Recognize familiar people as well as objects at a distance.
  • React to sounds and follow moving things.
  • Use hands and eyes in coordination.
  • Start babbling.

No doubt every child has his or her own pace to develop; missing signs may signal developmental issues. It’s better to consult a professional in the child care field if your little one doesn’t pay attention to sounds or moving objects, doesn’t grasp or bring objects to his mouth, or doesn’t babble. Also, consult the doctor if he/she doesn’t smile at you or others by three months or finds trouble in moving the eyes (including frequent crossing).

Milestones For Baby Development: Till 6th Month

The milestones for baby development until the 6th month include signs such as reacting to everything by means of touch, vision, and hearing ability. By this time, your little one will be able to convey most of his/her emotions successfully. Other development signs include:

Guide On Milestones for Baby Development
The Best Guide To Follow On Milestones for Baby Development
  • Better ability to track sounds and moving objects.
  • Rolling from forward-facing direction to back and vice-versa.
  • Making sounds while responding.
  • Responding whenever they are being called.
  • Able to sit and support the body weight on legs.
  • Playing with shadow or mirror images.
  • Enjoying social interaction and play with toys.
  • Responding to expressions of other people.

If your little one fails to show the above signs, it’s good to seek a doctor. Also, do a consultation when a baby shows no emotions, can’t sit with help, has sensitivity to light, or doesn’t react to sounds/objects. The sooner you will seek a doctor’s help, the better it will be for your baby!

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