Teaching Kids Manners: Don’t Just Be Nice

Teaching Kids Manners

Teaching kids to be polite is a good idea. But it’s even better to show kids that they can become good manners when they are young. Manners have a significant influence on our society and so doing the right thing means having good manners. Children learn what to do and what not to do from their parents. So the first step should be to develop good manners by teaching them from childhood.

You should remember that while being nice and respecting others is important. You should also do things that promote positive things like helping others. A good example would be when your child is being naughty and rough with other kids.

If you let him know in advance that he has done something wrong, he’ll feel bad about it. On the other hand, if you don’t say anything or just don’t intervene. Then his problem may persist and get worse. It’s easy to see that if you show your child that you are sorry. And that you are for him, he will be more likely to be a good kid in the future.

Set your own Example

Good Manners
Good Manners

That’s why it’s better to show a good example in your home, by following the values and moral standards of your family. You might have to make some adjustments in the house, but in the end, it will help your child to grow into a good, honest, responsible adult.

In order to teach your kids to be respectful, first, have a good family structure. Learn how to live your life the way you want to, and not the way others tell you to live it. You have to have the freedom to do things your way, especially when it comes to how you treat others.

Other values that you can pass on to your kids in order to teach them good manners are honesty, patience, fairness, respect for those with different religions, cultures, and nationalities, and even for different social classes. Having a family that is all about good manners, it will be hard for your kids to know how to behave around people who are different from them.

Teaching Kids Manners is Essential

Teaching Kids Manners -  Don't Just Be Nice
Teaching Kids Manners – Don’t Just Be Nice

This is where good examples come in. You can find good examples in movies, television shows, friends, neighbors, and even schoolmates. By doing this, your children will be introduced to many different people.

This will help them become part of today’s society. You don’t have to be too close with all of them, and even pick the ones that you’re going to be friends with. In addition, you can make friends with people that are similar to yourself, because as the great philosopher, Aristotle, said, “There is no example for what we call an evil character, but rather for a character that is modest and not arrogant.”

The family, as a unit, should be like a “colony”. So while you may be friends with a group of people that are different from you, they will still be your friends and your family. This means that everyone should be treated with respect, and that means everyone.

Finally, it is also important that you give your children a good example in terms of how to be a good person. To that end, when they see someone else doing something wrong, they should always correct them. Since correcting others is not considered rude in our society, it can encourage the practice of good manners for children.


The key is to teach them that you want them to be a good neighbor, friend, and partner, and not just your child. Therefore, you should always try to be an example of good behavior, whether it is right or wrong.

Keep these things in mind when you are trying to teach your kids manners. While being nice is important, it is also better to do the right thing in the end. Remember that a good example will be a good model for the future generations.

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