Some Of The Best Parenting Ways For Your 10 Months Baby Development

10 months baby development

At this moment, you would find there are so many changes in a newborn baby’s life. You can find him standing, stacking items, and even feeding himself. Not just physically but also there are so many emotional changes which you can find in your baby. This is the time when your baby is only two months away from his or her first birthday, which will bring lots of new things for him to learn and understand. There are so many things that are involved in 10 months baby development. At this moment, your baby will be full of smiles and giggles, and your baby will be chubbier.

Supporting Your 10-Month Baby Development

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Your kid is now 10 months old, you will see so many changes in the behavior, not just emotional but also physical. You have to work on the physical strength of your kid also with the emotional power.




Help Your Kid In Feeding Correctly

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Now your baby has grown up and would need some extra amount of calories, like 750 to 900 calories. Your kid can be half fed with breast milk and the other with some solids. You can start them spoon-feeding and even try them to handle the spoon by themselves. For the 10-month baby development, you have to go slow and keep some patience. You can also train your baby by trying new utensils like sipping from a cup or holding the cup’s handle.

Sleeping Behavior Of Your Kid

At this moment, you would find that the baby takes enough time to sleep, and usually, the baby will take 10 – 12 hours of sleep comfortably. At this time, your baby should be kept close to you, and the kid can get upset if kept away from you. At this time, your kid can face separation anxiety. You must make sure that your kid is totally comfortable while sleeping and pat him gently until the baby sleeps.

Your 10-month baby development can be one of the most difficult parts of your parenting. You have to make sure that your baby gets proper attention which can help your baby to grow physically and mentally. There are various gaming activities that you can take place with them, which can increase their confidence and maturity.

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