Socio-Emotional Baby Development Milestones

Baby development milestones

All humans need to be social in order to be happy. Babies are no exception. From the moment they are born, they long for love and affection. As they develop from infants to toddlers to children, their socio-emotional skills also improve. They become more capable of having conversations and showing their feelings to other people.

Baby development milestones
Socio-Emotional Baby Development Milestones

The Top Baby Development Milestones

The social and emotional developments in children begin at a very early age, and that is not surprising considering that a child’s brain grows to double the original size just in the first year. By the time a baby is three years old, the brain attains 80% of its adult volume.

The important socio-emotional milestones to be achieved by a baby of 1-3 years include the following.

Baby Development Milestones: 1-12 months

The baby initially shows its feelings through crying. You will be able to gauge a baby’s feelings based on their body language. Slowly they learn to smile at their parents. As their brain-movement coordination improves, they can follow their parents with their eyes.

By the time a baby turns 3 months old, he or she loves to be cuddled and enjoys familiarity. Babies learn to smiles spontaneously at new people, and they use body movement to show their excitement. At six months, babies can respond to other people’s emotions also express their own. As the baby learns to differentiate between family and strangers, he or she begins to be shy. They cling to familiar people.

Baby Development Milestones:12–24 months

The child begins to warm up to strangers. At this age, babies love to both play alone and spend time with their favorite adults. They enjoy being in the company of other children. This is the time when babies begin to feel independent and refuse to conform to every rule. They tend to throw tantrums when they are dissatisfied. Babies become extremely curious about things happening around them and like to imitate adult behaviors.

Baby Development Milestones:Two-year-old

At this age, babies begin to show the first signs of empathy and caring. They tend to be affectionate and comforting when they sense negative vibes. Babies still use physical aggression and temper tantrums to get their own way. They also tend to be rather bossy and like to order everyone around. Since they are impatient, they demand immediate compliance. Babies like being around other children bit avoid direct communication. They tend to become defiant as they gain more independence, but still, find it difficult to make choices.

Baby Development Milestones: Three-year-old

Babies learn to display concern and affection for other people without being prompted. They develop a greater tendency to imitate adults and other children. At this age, babies can show a wide spectrum of emotions.

Shower your child with love and attention so that he or she always knows feels secure in your arms.

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