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The artist inside a person needs just a little push and courage. A pencil can make portraits and paintings that can be world-famous. The magic is in the hands of the artist. The imagination and the toolkit can take a person a long way making him famous. The pencil kit has everything that an artist requires for his drawing. There are many pencil cases that are attractive yet cater to the needs of the customer

The pencil case should be something that contains an ample amount of space so every shape and size tool can fit in. The trendy pencil cases give an edge to the artist making the overall look more classy yet beautiful

It is very essential for parents to choose for their children a certain type of pencil case that goes with the school requirements. Children often choose the kind which they see on the television or their favorite characters of different shows.

Transparent Cute Avocado Pencil Case

Creativity and vibes are everything that an artist needs. A cute pencil case might even encourage him to create something big. There are many varieties of pencil cases that are available. The thing about transparent pencil cases is that they are clear and things can be seen from the outside. The color of avocado is light green and that makes it more attractive to the younger generation.

There is variety inside the pencil case itself they could be small or big. Could be used as a zip one that can be carried in the pocket or a button plastic one with a lock. It all depends upon the choices and convenience of the people who are buying the case

The clear plastic cases with the character of avocado make it look very pretty and elegant. The avocado character is widely popular among school-going children. The transparent pencil cases are thus very comfortable and easy to carry for the students. The happy face of Mr avocado marks anyone’s day. There are transparent cases with avocado shapes and this makes them very unique and different.

Get your Transparent Cute Avocado Pencil Case now.


  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 19 x 10 x 6 cm
  • Use: Schools & Offices
  • Novelty: Yes
  • Package includes: (1) pencil case


  • Transparent help in easy identification
  • The plastic is of good quality
  • Liked by people of every age group
  • Trendy can be used at any point in time


  • They are not for bulky tools
  • Can be torn down easily
  • They tend to get stained and dirty
  • They have very little alternative use


The pencil case forms an important part of the children’s school kit. A transparent pencil case is very handy and can be carried along easily. It could easily be fit in the pocket and the storage facility is good. It is also liked by children because it is clear and one does not have to open the case every time to look for things. The avocado transparent pencil case is very popular amongst children. The smiling face of Mr avocado is sure to make anyone’s day.

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