Parents Need To Hide Negative Emotions From Children

Parents Need To Hide Negative Emotions From Children

Hiding negative expressions or feelings are the right things before children. Before stepping at home, you should clean your fear and angry outside.

Most of the parents know that their kids will suffer when their parents are emotional. As a result, children think that it is their fault. This worry has a sound that the phenomenon of psychological illness is real. It would be the best idea that the negative emotions impact children are real, and it would be an advantage if it pins in mind.

Parents Need To Hide Negative Emotions From Children
Parents Need To Hide Negative Emotions From Children

The Danger Of Suppression

Most importantly, there are three concepts to keep in mind regarding the display of emotions before your kids. They are:

  • Talking about negative emotions
  • Suppression
  • Uncontained expression

Suppression of emotions is when you hide the signs of negative emotions. Suppressing your negative expressions or feelings can increase your blood pressure. Therefore, it leads to getting some psychological issues. Many of the people would like to choose to express your emotions than to hide negation emotions before kids. However, researchers say that whenever parents feel negative emotions and try to hide them before kids, they experience lower responsiveness and damages relationship quality.

An uncontained expression is not helpful for the kid. It means high-intensity expression with no attempts to regulating it. Smashing things and blaming someone else are the examples of this uncontained expression.

Negative emotions can be a reasonable and helpful part of life. Those emotions are essential in not falling into the trap of happiness. By hiding emotions can leads to emotional pain. They are appreciated as on the other side; positive emotions are there.

Negative Emotions

Some of the negative emotions that arise are:

  • Anger
  • Annoyance
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Guilt
  • Apathy
  • Despair
Parents Need To Hide Negative Emotions From Children
Parents Need To Hide Negative Emotions From Children

Middle Ground

Extreme suppressing of your emotions is wrong, and even un-contained expression is also worse. The middle ground is a good thing. It means sharing or expressing or talking about emotions. You can try to cope up with your emotions and having ownership of them before your children.

Research says that mothers have noted regarding their negative emotions or expression and showed to their preschoolers. It even includes the details of how they rid their negativity.

Follow these tips to balance your negative at home:

  • Your child can sense if you are sad. If you want to cry, you better leave the room. Children can quickly understand if something goes wrong.
  • Never be sad or cry before your child.
  • Never tell your children that you are feeling sad. You can say to your children that you are exhausted in the office or out. Try to explain to yourself that it is going to be okay by sitting down. You try to share your emotions with your friends or with someone to feel better.

Parents need not hide their emotions completely, and there are some limits. You can talk openly about them to your kid only if you have a solution to cope with them. Parents need to give some pieces of advice to their children regarding negative emotions.

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