Let Your Kids Carry Their Stuff In A Funny Way Using This Amazing Waist Bag For Them! It’s Wonderful

Fanny packs are always a great choice for kids. They look so adorable carrying those little cute bags. On a plus point, it keeps their hands free. Kids hate it when their hands are restricted, which is where this adorable waist bag for kids comes into the picture. It is small in size, perfect for a kid to carry around and has an adorable pattern. You can get the one with the cute little ears or the one with a bowtie plus the ears! 

Adorable Waist Bag/ Belt Bag/ Fanny Pack for kids 

Fanny packs are always a great option for kids as it keeps their hands free. Also, they don’t have to technically carry it around. It can just be adjusted to their waist and they can walk around or even play around wearing it. Bags that need to be carried can be often misplaced or forgotten by children. This fanny pack will stay on their waist, which will prevent them from losing it. The waist bag has two cute patterns on it. Both red in color but with very different designs. One of them is red and has cute ears on the top of it. The second one has ears plus a cute red bowtie with white polka dots all over! These bags are extremely cute and go well with almost every outfit your kid wears. It is also a perfect choice to give someone’s kid. The waist bags for kids are made from oxford cloth which is extremely safe on the skin. The bag fits very easily and comfortably on the waist. Kids can store their little toys, handkerchiefs in the bag while going outdoors to play, so you should buy an Adorable Waist Bag/ Belt Bag/ Fanny Pack for kids now!


  • Size: 27 cm (length), 13 cm (width), 170 cm (length of the belt)
  • Material: Oxford cloth
  • Package includes: (1) Waist Bag for Kids
  • Material Composition Oxford cloth
  • Pattern Type Bow


  • Two cute designs 
  • Comfortable for kids 
  • Can be worn around the waist 
  • Does not have to be carried 
  • Can store a good amount of stuff 
  • Same day dispatch 
A bag sitting on top of a table


  • Not many color options 
  • Not available in multiple colors 


Fanny packs look extremely cute in children. More than that, it is also practical. When kids go out to play with their friends, they obviously cannot carry a handbag around. They need their hands free. Also, they could misplace the handbag or simply forget where they last left it. This is why fanny packs are a great option for kids. You can easily store stuff like a small water bottle and handkerchief in the bag while they go out to play. They can also store their toys in their bag. The cute design is perfect for kids and so is the size! It’s the perfect size to fit a kid’s waist and fits them comfortably without falling off.

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