Learning More About Child Care Aware Programs

Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware is a website dedicated to providing affordable, quality child care, and to promote better professional development for licensed child care workers in Minnesota. Child Care Aware also has an exclusive contract with the State of Minnesota to administer the Parent Awareness Program, which is intended to provide the Minnesotans on the Child Care Aware website with quality education and tips for helping them better understand the importance of working in an environment that promotes responsible child-carse practices. Parent awareness of child care is also important for Minnesota children who need the help of licensed child care workers.

Parent Awareness Program

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The Parent Awareness Program utilizes a combination of educational and Mnemonic Devices that will be helpful to both parents and child-care providers. The goal of this program is to educate the public on child development, healthy behaviors, and the responsibilities of day-care workers. This information can be used by licensed day care providers and in programs designed to educate Minnesota children, for example: Healthy Families of Minnesota, Child Welfare Solutions, Minnesota School Bureau, etc.

Knowing what’s on the internet doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to find the information you need. You can search for “Parent Awareness” on Google, but even this doesn’t tell you anything about the program itself.

Many Child Development Programs

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There are many programs that address Child Development and parenting, but they aren’t all created equal. Some programs are focused on developing a parent’s skills and knowledge and use tools such as books, videos, etc. while other programs focus on teaching specific topics, such as nannies, caregivers, or child care workers.

Child Development is a great program, because it focuses on helping the family in question to learn how to properly interact with their children. They teach family interaction through video lessons, which includes helping them understand appropriate child behavior. Through the use of games, they also teach the proper way of interacting with children and how to become better at reading and using language. The goal of Child Development is to teach children about good behavior, and help them understand that all children have needs and wants.

Child Care Aware Programs

Healthy Behavior is focused on teaching children about good behavior. This includes teaching them healthy communication skills and healthy relationships with their peers and their teachers. Through the use of interactive books, DVD’s, and mp3’s, you can learn about good communication, and healthy behaviors.

Remember: Child Aware is not a comprehensive program. However, it does have valuable information and resources to help you and your child.

One resource is Nanny Cams. These are professionally installed devices that can be used by the parent and the child to check on the nanny’s whereabouts, as well as those of the child when he or she is out. These Nanny Cams can show a photo of the nanny as well as the face and voice of the child and even the location of where they are. If a suspicious individual appears, you can be sure to find out about them from the device.

Other resources include the Minnesota State Bureau of Child Labor Laws (MSBL) and Child Care Aware, which are funded by the state of Minnesota and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NATE) and are two agencies that can be of assistance to day care providers. These agencies have both an online presence and regular newsletters that inform day care providers of new laws and other types of news relevant to day-care providers.

These programs are not designed to replace the role of a licensed teacher. They are merely information and resources to help in your quest to become a better parent and a better caregiver. For example: Child Development will teach you about child development, communication, healthy relationships, and healthy communication and these things can be applied in other aspects of day care. While it can be helpful to your child, you still need to be your own best teacher.

What Child Care Aware Program Offers?

Child Care Aware programs can provide you with an opportunity to further your parent’s education and knowledge and to expand your knowledge and skills as a caregiver. It is helpful to take time to read up on the latest trends in day care. There are so many programs on the internet to choose from. Just be sure that you are not getting overwhelmed and that you don’t get lost in the mass of information.

Final Thoughts

As you are researching and learning more about Child Care Aware programs, consider looking into other resources like: books, audio programs, online articles, newsletters, and other resources that can help you with your child care provider search. This can be a great way to learn more about the latest in day care industry trends and to learn about the future of child care.

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