Knowing These 10 Secrets Will Make Your Degree In Early Childhood Education Look Amazing

degree in early childhood education

A degree in early childhood education can help prepare you to become a teacher or child care provider. Since most bachelor’s degrees are required to hold teacher certification and a bachelor’s degree to work in public elementary schools, the majority of early childhood educational degrees are located at the masters degree level.

A master’s degree in early childhood education trains an educator to teach preschool-aged children, including kindergarten-aged children and infants up to the age of three.

An Early Childhood Educator

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The typical curriculum for an early childhood educator generally consists of coursework in development and mental health, physical development and nutritional habits, assessment, cognitive development, social and emotional development, history and culture, and literature. You will typically also receive specialized instruction in special education for children with special needs. In many states, licensure is granted by the State Board of Education, but this may not be necessary for some states. Some states may require parental permission or completion of a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to get funding from the state board.

If you have already earned a bachelor’s degree, you can complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Special Education. Your Bachelor’s degree will prepare you to teach preschool children as well as those in kindergarten, elementary school, and school grade school. You may also want to earn a Master’s degree in early childhood education to expand your teaching career and increase your knowledge about special education and prepare yourself for leadership positions in education or other special programs that seek to help young children succeed.

A Doctorate Program

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Typically, a doctorate program in early childhood education is three years long and focuses on one specific area of study. You will usually have a specific area of focus such as development, cognitive, social, emotional, or physical development. A doctorate program typically takes two years and is awarded after you have completed your undergraduate degree. A dissertation can also be required as a final degree. The doctorate program usually takes about three years to complete.

A PhD in Early Childhood Education is one of the most sought-after degrees. A doctorate degree is usually awarded after a year or more of graduate studies. A dissertation is required, which generally takes about three years to complete. A PhD typically requires a thesis that is a significant contribution to the field you are researching. In addition, you will need to complete a minimum of three additional years of graduate studies at an accredited university.

A Bachelor Of Science

If you are looking for a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, or a certificate in early childhood teaching, there are several graduate degree programs available to you. The Bachelor of Arts program typically takes two years and involves an academic program with courses in childhood education theory, methods, practice, evaluation, application, and evaluation of methods. The Bachelor of Science program typically takes four years and involves courses in childhood education theory, application, practice, and evaluation of methods. A certificate in early childhood teaching is also available.

Many states require certification in order to teach children in public settings. In most states, certification is awarded by the State Board of Education to individuals who have passed the licensure exam. These exams are available online through colleges and universities. Most states require certification for teachers in grades K-12, but some require higher scores. Earning a certification in early childhood education and teacher training is a great way to further your education and increase your opportunities for possible careers with young children.


A degree in early childhood education can help improve your employment prospects. For example, if you are interested in being a preschool teacher or providing special education services to students with disabilities, you may want to consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in childhood education. Many college degrees can be obtained through an associate’s degree program at a community college or vocational/trade school. An associate’s degree will typically take two years to complete.

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