It’s a fun time- Simple Baby Developmental Activities to Try With

baby development activities

Children can express themselves via play while developing their inventiveness, skill, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is essential for a child’s brain development. Children engage and interact with the world around them through play from an early age. Children can use play to build and explore a world they can control, conquering their fears while practicing adult roles, often with the help of other kids or adult caregivers.

Here Are Some Of The Baby Development Activities

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Faces Are A Lot Of Fun

The first baby development activity is that babies enjoy using their hands to explore the world. Allow your child to use his hands to feel different portions of your face and the faces of his stuffed animals. Say the names of the face parts as your baby feels them, and direct his hand to touch his nose, mouth, ears, and other parts of the face. Bring your baby’s hands to your face as you speak and make facial expressions so he can learn how you communicate with your faces.

It’s Tummy Time

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Tummy time is one of the earliest forms of play for your baby. To lessen the danger of SIDs, it is recommended that babies sleep on their backs at all times, but they should also get plenty of tummy time when they are awake and attentive enough to play. Tummy time helps your baby’s neck and upper-body muscles develop, allowing for improved head control and preventing the back of her head from flattening. Tummy time can begin the day your baby comes home from the hospital. Place her on her stomach for three to five minutes at a time, three times a day, or as often as she appears to enjoy it. As your child grows older and stronger, increase tummy time and position objects in front of her to stimulate reaching, creeping, and eventually crawling.

Boxes and Babies

Boxes are a lot of fun! There’s no need to spend money on sophisticated blocks to help your baby develop motor skills. Allow your baby to handle and learn to rip open some smaller boxes (such as cereal boxes or shoe boxes) by covering them in recycled newspaper or wrapping paper. As she tugs on the paper, she will enjoy the sound of it ripping. She’ll also like stacking, knocking over, and rebuilding the stack with your assistance.

String Along

Any toy can be converted into a pull-along toy. Tie a piece of yarn or a shoelace to your child’s toy truck or the arm of his plush animal and encourage him to tug on it. He’ll be ecstatic to see what happens when he pulls his toy on a string! Place the string just out of reach when he begins to crawl, forcing him to move to grab it and reel in his toy. 


Play is important for baby development activities since it benefits their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. Play is also a great way for parents to spend quality time with their children.

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