Infants Child Care Around the House

Infants Child Care

If you are a new parent or an expecting mom, then some infant child care tips can help avert a lot of accidents in your home. Baby proofing your home means making your living areas safe and sound for your baby to crawl. Any area of your house that poses a threat to your baby should be checked, monitored, sealed or changed. Here are some tips for infants child care around the house.

Baby Proofing Tips

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A major part of baby proofing is about following your intuition than getting attracted by a newly launched safety product. But parents do tend to overlook this concern as they get busy with buying new baby gear to taking care of their munchkin. Having baby proofed your house also means that you do not have to keep saying ‘no’ or running around your little one to ensure that they are safe. It means removing fire place tools, remotes at reachable distances, sealing sharp edges, etc.

Gates Around Your Staircase

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If you live in a two-story house and have stairs to go to your room, then you should get a make-shift gate fixed at the edge of the staircase to prevent your baby from falling or climbing. These can be always removed when your baby is old enough.

Keep Bathroom Doors Shut At All Times

It is always important to keep your bathroom doors tightly shut at all times to avoid any accidents with water. Kids may enter into bathtubs and switch on the water taps. Worse, they may switch on the hot water geyser switch and burn themselves with hot water. Kids around 15 months are curious little creatures who love turning knobs and this can be very dangerous.

Corner Protectors

If you tables, chairs, drawers or other furniture has any sharp corners, then you should get products that help you keep these corners safe. You get Corner’s Safe products made of foam or rubber that can easily fix at the edges and prevent hurting your baby.

Door Stoppers

Doors may accidently bang any time due to wind or someone unknowingly shutting them. Kids may get hurt if they are around doors. Sometimes, it may lead to serious accidents if they get their hands, fingers or toes into the doors. A door stopper is utmost necessary to prevent doors from force-shutting on their own.

Grills in Balconies

If you have balconies in your homes, it is always safe and recommended to get iron or steel grills affixed on top of the railings to prevent any unfortunate scenarios. These do not stop ventilation and yet keep your homes child-proof and safe.

End Note

This article especially focuses on infant child care around the house. When you baby proof your house, you can let your child crawl about without any worry. These tips will help you avoid any tensions or untoward incidents.

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