Importance Of Nutrition In Early Childhood Development

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For healthy early childhood development, it is important to have healthy eating habits. And nutrition is one of the most influential factors of it.

Do you know that infants are expected to triple their weight by the age of one? Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics consider this period as the most rapid development phase of human life. Now, what if your child doesn’t eat healthy food or intake appropriate amount of nutrition? If it is so, it will prove to be a hurdle in the cognitive, behavioral, and physical development of your child.

This is how nutrition and good eating habits impact your child and help in better early childhood development.

Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood Development
Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood Development

1. Impacts Brain Development

At the initial stages of your life, the brain develops more compared to later stages of life. And such growth is affected by what your child takes in meals. That’s why not only the adequacy but also the quality of diet is equally important.

Lack of nutrition may result in concentration problem, less-attentiveness, limited memory, and slow learning. So, it’s good to keep a check on the diet of your child since birth.

2. Prevents Childhood Obesity

Obesity comes with many health problems. In childhood, there is a tendency to eat almost everything that comes in front of child irrespective of the quality of food. And if it is tasty, children used to eat more and more such things only. This may result in obesity. Researches state that one out of three children is being overweight or obese. So, it increases the risk of obesity in their adulthood.

3. Avoid Malnutrition Stage

During the development of fetal, if a mother doesn’t intake nutrition or be the victim of poor nutrition, it leads to lower IQ scores in a child. And if poor nutritive diet continues in the early stages of childhood, it results in malnutrition and various other health issues.

4. Promote Healthily Physique

Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood Development

Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood Development

Early childhood period is base for lifetime growth. A child, who remains sick during childhood, rarely stays completely fit in later stages of life. Your physic highly depends on what you intake. Not only mental development but also physical development requires a good and healthy diet.

5. Ensure Overall Growth

Overall or optimal growth is not possible without nutritive diet. Even the emotional and social development of a child depends on what he or she eats. Deficiency of nutrition, protein, or other minerals makes it hard for a child to make connections.

Children who lack proper diet perform not so well in schools or less-energetic compared to children who have good eating habits. This is just one example, and the whole life is yet to go. So, the importance of nutrition in the early stages of life cannot be denied at any cost.

To inculcate the roots of a healthy lifestyle, you should tell them the importance of a good diet. Remember that, at childhood, children learn whatever you will teach them. They are more like blank papers. So, it’s the perfect time to inculcate healthy eating habits in them.

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