How Parenting Affects The Emotional Stage Of Development

How parenting affects emotional stages of development?

Most of the parents are not aware that how parenting affects their children. So, if you are about to be a parent, you should know how your response towards your child may affect the emotional stages of development.

It neither about a healthy childhood development nor about adultery stages, it’s the matter of entire life. A child goes through various mental paths during his childhood. And impressions of it remain for the whole life. It may make or break a person completely. So, parents should better aware of how their day to day activities emotionally develop their child.

How parenting affects emotional stages of development?
How Parenting Affects Emotional Stages Of Development

1. Behavioral Aspects

You know why this duration is so critical and how your behavior can change the entire life of your child? The brain of a newborn child is like a blank paper. Whatever you will write on that paper, it will imprint. So, at this stage, even the smallest things matter a lot.

Negative behavior will develop negative emotions in your child and vice versa. It will be completely your choice that you want to showcase the bitter truths of the world or fairy tales.

2. Social Engagements

Social engagements depend on the communication or interaction skills of a child. If you give comfort and space to your child to share all the things and speak up the truth, it will lead to a better solution to problems and effective social engagements.

If you are an authoritarian parent, there are more chances that your child be introvert and negative. On the contrary, if you are a permissive parent, your child will be more talkative and will know how to interact. This difference between two is because of nurture your children get from you.

3. Discipline

Discipline is the area where almost all parents look up. But they forget how to teach discipline and by what measures. In fact, many of you may believe that if your child obeys your each and everything, he is disciplined. But this is not true. If you are ordering your child every time without building the understanding of reasons behind, you are not teaching discipline.

Discipline comes in a child if parents are self-disciplined, and they teach children how disciplines can change their lives and how they can achieve it. Its implication is deeper in practical life rather in a philosophical world.

4. Inner Strength

How parenting affects emotional stages of development?
How Parenting Affects Emotional Stages Of Development

You are internally strong when you feel an optimum level of confidence, boosted self-esteem, and positivity over negative thoughts. During childhood, if your child gets appropriate nurture, affection, support, love, and care, he or she will be emotionally strong. This emotional strength gradually turns into the inner strength of a child.

If your child is doing well in school, achieving goals on time, these are the indication that your child is on the right path.


You are the model what you learned from your parents, and similarly, your children will be a reflexion of your behavior more or less. However, the environment also contributes a lot to the emotional stages of development of a child.

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