How Does the Family Affect Child Development?

The family plays a very important role in shaping a child’s personality. The contribution of the family to child development is priceless.
The concept of family is not as simple as before. The categories of households with children are on the rise. Nowadays, we have unmarried cohabiting couples, married couples, single parents and even grandparents taking care of children. The proportion of children staying with two married parents fell from 88% to 65% from 1960 to 2017. On the other hand, the proportion of children in mother-only families stood at 23% in 2017.
Each family is unique but the importance of good family values towards child development cannot be stressed more.
Child development

Having the Right Values for Child Development

Values are imbibed in children based on their family’s beliefs. The study of morality can be confusing for children which is why they need their guardians to point out the right and wrong initially. The society has certain values and beliefs that we need to teach our children from an early age. Children soak up everything that happens around them which is why we need to be at our best all the time. Values like respect, fairness, kindness and responsibility can help a child go a long way in life. Open discussion about morals and the difference they make in life is the best approach.

Skills to Ensure Child Development

All children need to develop certain motor, language, cognitive skills, and emotional skills in order to cope with the world. It is the family’s duty to help the children learn these skills efficiently. These skills need to be taught a very young age so that your child gains faith in his or her independence without any problem.

Children tend to pick up the language that we speak, and they try to imitate. It is important that your children have the liberty to communicate with other children and relatives so they become comfortable while trying to master language. This will also help them develop their emotional skills.

Timely child development is necessary for sustainable physical, emotional, and mental growth. But no child grows in the same manner.
Timely child development is necessary for sustainable physical, emotional, and mental growth. But no child grows in the same manner.


Human beings are social animals, and that applies even to a baby. The family is the first social group that a child interacts in. Familial interactions will dictate how a child views other relationships in the future. Being close to the family will help children develop trust in fellow human beings, and soon they will learn how to make and maintain relationships. Interpersonal development is crucial in today’s day and age.


It is important your children get a primary sense of security when they are around the family. They are completely dependent on adults for all their needs and disappointing them can make a serious impact. The home should be a safe space where a child is both physically and emotionally secure. This will allow them to appreciate consistency and structure.

Stand together as a family at all times!

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