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Guilford Community Services provides child development services throughout the city of Greensboro, NC. Through various programs designed to enhance children’s level of social and emotional development, parents and caregivers have a way to ensure that their children are safe, secure, healthy, and happy. Through referrals from the City Child Development Team and the Regional Child Development Resource Center, Guilford Community Services helps families with located care for children in all neighborhoods, income levels, ethnic backgrounds, and educational levels.

Childhood Development – Social & Emotional

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With a focus on early childhood development and children’s social and emotional well-being, Guilford Community Services serves all residents, including families living in poverty and children whose parents work full-time jobs. Guilford is also committed to reducing poverty’s impact on children’s physical and mental well-being by engaging the community in meaningful activities that enrich children’s lives. One of the ways this is accomplished is through after school and summer programs for youth. Through the participation of local children and families, local community leaders, elected officials, and community advocates, Guilford Community Services promotes the best possible relationship between education and community development.

Plethora of Services

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Guilford Community Services offers a range of services to families, including after school and summer programs, physical activity activities and sports, and programs that provide children with creative arts, social studies, reading, and language arts activities. Through these programs, parents can connect and work with various professionals to ensure that their children achieve the greatest possible level of development possible.

Programs Covered By Guilford Community Service

The programs conducted by Guilford Community Services promote a positive environment for children. Through various programs and events, parents and caregivers can interact with one another, learn about local children, and learn about what life has toffersford is committed to building strong connections between the residents of the community, its families, and its children. Because of this, Guilford Community Services partners with local children and families, engaging them in positive activities that foster better family life.

Through social skills programs, Guilford Community Services promotes self-confidence, communication, social interaction, and the ability to listen and understand. As a result, children develop positive relations with their peers and adults while learning about responsibility and socialization. Through these programs, they learn to socialize appropriately with others, including other children, foster relationships with people of varying age and ability levels, and learn to be responsible adults.

The programs offered by Guilford Community Services also include developmental activities that are tailored to a variety of skill levels. These activities are designed to help children become successful learners and to have math, science, art, and reading in an enjoyable and meaningful environment. To facilitate this process, these activities teach children the principles of problem solving and growth by introducing them to new experiences and problem-solving concepts through trial and error. The experiences created in these activities are a valuable tool for enhancing academic performance, which will result in children having better opportunities to succeed in school and life.

Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to children’s social and emotional development, Guilford Community Services also seeks to promote healthy development and healthy lifestyles. Through various activities and programs, families and community members can make healthy choices for their children through healthy eating, exercise, healthy diets, and other healthy behaviors.

Guilford is committed to providing quality care to children with disabilities and special needs. Through the provision of various activities and programs, Guilford Community Services provides the most appropriate services to children with disabilities and special needs. With the commitment of providing services that foster children’s development, Guilford has made it a hub for professionals who specialize in helping children with developmental disabilities. In addition to providing the most appropriate care for children with special needs, Guilford Community Services offers services that focus on encouraging families, educators, and communities to work together to enhance the quality of life for all children.

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