Different stages of baby eyes development

Different stages of baby eyes development

Babies have different stages of development. They learn to talk, walk or grow at different months and as a parent, you should know when and at what stage a change occurs. If you are curious about baby’s eyes development, here is a month by month chart on how their eyes develop and change.

Baby’s First Eye Exam

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When a baby is born, doctors take an eye exam to find out if there are any vision or eye problems. The optometrist will check the baby’s eyes for vision, nearsightedness, astigmatism or farsightedness or eye alignment. Your doctor will check your baby’s eyes for other health problems. 

Development in a Baby from Birth to 4 Months

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Baby’s vision gets through all kinds of visual stimulation from birth to 4 months. Babies still cannot move from two different images or targets. They cannot move their eyes between two different images. They only focus on objects 8 to 10 inches away from them. They cannot focus on anything further than that. At this stage, babies eyes’ start working together and their vision quickly improves. They also learn eye-hand coordination at this phase. By this time, babies also begin to focus on their parent’s faces. At around three months of age, babies should be able to follow moving objects and reach out for them.

Development in a Baby from 5 to 8 Months

At this time, control of eye movements and eye-body coordination starts and begins to improve. You learn the ability to judge whether objects are near or far away. This ability is not at the birth time. At 5 months, baby’s eyes can work together and notice three-dimensional views as well. They also begin to see in depth. But their color vision is not as strong as that of an adults. They develop a good eye and color vision by 5 months. Babies also begin to crawl at 8 months. They learn eye-hand-foot-body coordination. 

Development in a Baby from 9 to 12 Months

At 9 months of age, babies learn to stand and even try to walk. By 10 months, they also learn to grasp things with their forefinger and thumb. By twelve months of age, babies will try to walk and crawl. Parents should also help to make the children walk so that they get better eye-hand coordination. Babies can also judge distances and can throw things at the right place where they intend to. 

Development in a Baby from 1 to 2 years

By the age of 2, a child learns perfect eye-hand coordination and depth perception with their eyes. Children at this age are very interested to explore what is around in their surroundings. They explore objects and pictures in books and can also learn to scribble with pencils or colors.

These are the different stages of eye development in a baby in its initial years of life.

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