Different Development Stages Are Included In The Child Development Articles

child development articles

Do you have a newborn baby in your home? Are you concerned about the growth of your child? As the baby grows from being an infant to an adult, you can see various physical, intellectual, social, and emotional changes. It is a very normal process, and every child has to go through it. You can see various changes like physical changes may include sitting, standing and some emotional changes are smiling and many more. But, parents’ responsibility is to take care during those growing times and help in the child development articles with all the possible ways.

Let’s see some of the different stages of child development articles that are the main development areas.

Cognitive Development To Be Included In The Child Development Articles

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As the infant grows and reaches early childhood and tries to understand the world around them. It is the stage when the child develops skills and knowledge which can help them to understand the surroundings. In this process, they start to process the information they capture by watching, listening, and feeling the things around them. They would acquire new things every day by learning new things, acquiring new skills, and creating opinions. 

Social And Emotional Development

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This particular development starts when they start interacting with other people. They understand how to manage feelings and emotions. Examples of socioemotional skills can be empathy, sympathy, and expressing feelings. These skills start developing in early childhood. These healthy socio-emotional skills will help the child develop positive relationships, self-confidence, and awareness of others.

Speed And Language Development

It is the communication phase of the child. Language development helps the child develop communication skills that are important for them to process their thoughts, solve problems, and form relationships. It is especially in the age group of 2-5-year-old kids. You can start communicating with your kid regularly, which will encourage them to speak up. It is the important part that has to be included in the child development articles.

Fine Motor Skills Development

It is the physical development that takes place in a child. It comes with stronger small muscles, specifically fingers, and hands. They could develop their motor skills by practicing different physical activities. It can start by doing some small physician practices. It will help them to develop more control and strength and perform various physical jobs.

Gross Motor Skills Development

It refers to the large body movements, and it can be large muscles with moving head, neck, arms, and legs. The very first movement can be the movement of the head and lifting it without any help. It makes their bones stronger, progressing with sitting, crawling, standing, walking, running, hopping, and many more. It can make them have good control, and balance develops body strength and increases hand-eye coordination.


These are some of the major stages which have to be considered in the child development articles. You being a parent, it’s your responsibility to pay close attention to all the child’s development stages. IF you find any delay in any stages, you can immediately consult with the doctor to make sure everything is normal.

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