Developments : How Does Modern Gadget Help Or Hamper A Child

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Developments of kids and technology go parallel. This because it’s useful in supporting learning in children’s life. Moreover, they acquire the necessary technical skills early. It helps to ensure that they are ready for their future life. Hence, it is a must to know the role of specific gadgets such as e-books or tablets for literacy. Moreover, the most useful method to use these devices is in the children’s cycle at the house. One can also see these in the classroom or childcare.

Developments : How Does Modern Gadget Help Or Hamper A Child
Developments: How Does Modern Gadget Help Or Hamper A Child

Positive Effects Of Technology In Child Developments

  • Mobile technology: children can talk to friends and relatives who are living far from us.
  • Internet: they can learn new things and online courses.
  •  Cab services: the children can travel from source to destination with one tap. And also within a limited time. For example – home to school.
  • Social networking. We can find our childhood friends, relatives, and important events in their life. Children can enjoy the pre-uploaded photos to have a good time.
  •  Information technology. children can share information with any part of the world within milliseconds.

Adverse Effects Of Technology In Child

· Mobile technology. Instead of taking care personally, they are learning to send SMS or giving a call. Moreover, they do this on essential occasions.

· Internet. With the use of the same Internet, children are getting addicted to online games. However, their physical activities, exercises are becoming less.

· Cab services. The same cab services are giving health problems for their workers. They are creating environmental threats to child development also.

· Social networking. The same social networking is creating problems​ between best friends. It is even making couples divorced.

· Information technology. Regular and continuous viewing of computers affects the eyes, brain, and other parts of the body. Kids are the prime sufferers.

Developments : How Does Modern Gadget Help Or Hamper A Child
Developments: How Does Modern Gadget Help Or Hamper A Child

Technology And Child Developments

Well, on the plus side, you have the sum of human knowledge at your fingertips. You get information from a variety of devices, and from almost anywhere in the world. Anything you care to learn is available in text, video, or audio in multiple languages. If you can read, you have access to more information than you can consume in a lifetime.

Moreover, free access to this much information has made some students lazy. It is developing critical thinking skills from a professor’s open-ended question. It invites discourse and debate. The children report to search engines to fill in the answer. They post their homework on a forum hoping someone will do the work for them.

Eventually, this will lead to a bunch of brain dead dolts. They won’t know what to do. During this, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence take over all of the routine jobs. The core skills for the future will be those that require creative thinking. Applied knowledge will be more important than reciting data.

These are all possible effects of modern gadgets on child development.

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