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The hype of the body and parts of the body spa is famous these days. With this, the spa facilities for teeth seem something unimaginable but the product, in this case, is just for you. To keep the teeth and mouth clean it is important to keep activities like brushing, flossing regularly so that the teeth remain germ-free and happy. The dental irrigation spa with UV disinfection provides you the best experience for disinfecting the mouth and keeping it healthy. The bad breath can be really bad not only for others but on their own site, but with the spa, the problems can be easily solved. The gums can also be protected with the use of the machine and thus the teeth are healthy with the heaty gums. It also does not affect the teeth’ protective enamel and keeps them safe.

Dental Irrigation Spa With UV Disinfection

The product is a must-have with mouth pampering sessions. The product ensures that the mouth is fully in a healthy state. The spa sessions ensure that oral hygiene is maintained. The spa contains disinfection to make sure that the tools which are used are clean to use. To clean the teeth with the water, there is an adjustable panel where the water pressure can be controlled. The product ensures that there are no food particles in between the gaps in the teeth which can further carry a great cause of bad breath and cavity problems. The flossing of the teeth can be done without damaging the gum with the adjustable water controller which cleans and flosses the teeth from the ends. The machine ensures the use of clean products with the presence of UV protection to keep the tools disinfected.

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  • Commodity Quality Certification: GS
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Model Number: VL-00001
  • Item Type: Oral Irrigator
  • Power Source: electric
  • Pressure: 10 Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Nozzle Quantity: 7 Pieces
  • UV Disinfection: Yes
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 1000ML
  • Type: Countertop Oral Irrigator
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  • The dental spa ensures the security of the mouth from unwanted germs and problems.
  • The water adjusting controller helps in adjusting the teeth flossing pressure of water.
  • The UV protection ensures no germs on the tools.
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  • The product does not have any cons but in the case of kids, it should be used under supervision and is advised to use twice a day for best results.


The machine is noise-free and is advised to use twice a day to maintain the health of the teeth. It also helps in protecting the mouth from problems like sore gums and bad breathe. The flossing of the teeth also ensures the removal of food which cannot be cleaned without pressure. The flossing wire can sometimes be painful, but with the water-based controlled pressure, the gums can be happy without any pain issues.

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