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Now, many people use whiteboards every day, replacing blackboards to communicate, innovate and create. The key element of using whiteboards is to avoid chalks that we use with blackboards. The material used in making chalks is coccoliths, foraminifera, and rhodoliths which are marine organisms. The composing power of these organisms, which is later turned into blackboard chalk, is not so healthy for your skin and cuticles of nails. 

This has become the sole reason that now people prefer using whiteboards instead of blackboards. And in place of chalks, we have whiteboard markers. These whiteboard markers are easy to use as a pen and the ink used is temporary, which can be erased using a foam eraser. 

So no more dust flying in your classrooms and no more torture to the cuticles that have suffered more in these last years. Plus, these markers work smoothly on whiteboards, and you can easily write just like you use to write in your notebook. 

Whiteboards and markers are a need of modern society, especially in schools, educational institutions, and offices. 

Erasable Whiteboard Markers Set

In modern offices, classrooms, whiteboards, and erasable markers are essential. The presentation is much easier when you focus on your topic ahead while erasing the previous one from the whiteboard. With a blackboard, you cough two or more times while erasing the board as the dust fills up your lungs. This is not so healthy. Or is it? 

We have a package of 8 erasable whiteboard markers by the brand name Hons. The size of each marker is 13cm in length, which means you get 10cm of ink which is going to last quite a long time. So grab your hands on these beautiful-looking erasable whiteboard markers, which are worth your money. 


  • Brand Name: HonC
  • Model Number: B895
  • Ink Filling Type: Not Applicable
  • Package Quantity: 8 Pens per Box
  • Packing: OPP bag
  • Size: About 13cm
  • Dual-side Writing: No
  • Ink Color: color
  • Packing list: As shown
  • Magnetic: Yes

A close up of a implement


  • These magnetic markers can be easily attached to the whiteboard. 
  • They are temporary, or we can say erasable markers 
  • It allows you to smoothly write on glass or whiteboard without leaving permanent marks. 
  • It comes in a package containing eight pieces of whiteboard markers. 


  • It cannot be used for permanent use as the ink of these magnetic markets is temporary. 


As time changes we should adapt ourselves to the modern technology and stuff which are the need of the new era. Whiteboards and erasable whiteboard markers are one of those that need to be adapted. They make our teaching, discussion much easier while not ruining clothes with dust. 

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