Child Development: Understanding The Needs Of A Child Child Development: Understanding The Needs Of A Child

Child Development: Understanding The Needs Of A Child

Child Development: Understanding The Needs Of A Child

The changes that occur in babies from the day they take birth are known as child development. The baby grows into a toddler then a child, then to a teenager and after that, an adult. Child development is a crucial stage for every parent. One should not ignore any stage of child development at any cost.

The baby milestone defines the changes that a child observes. These changes can be small or big, such as the first time the baby crawled, walked, spoke something, etc. The word development describes the growth of a child physically, emotionally, socially, and in terms of behavior, etc.

The development process is faster in the first five years in comparison to the remaining development period. The foundation of learning is laid when the child learns to see, touch, smell, feel, hear, taste, etc. All these sensations create many connections, and each time the child learns something, it is a baby milestone.

Child Development
Child Development: Understanding The Needs Of A Child


The child development procedure starts in the early years of his or her life. The first five years are very crucial because, during that period, the child develops the basic five senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling. The entire process of learning starts with playing. It is a great part of learning as children love to play. Each step they take is a milestone they cover. Often parents are seen keeping a count of the little achievements of their babies. Playing is a way of experimenting, exploring, observing, and reacting to things.

Parents must strike a balance between learning on their own and teaching the child. It is better to allow the child to learn certain things on their own. You don’t have to teach them everything. Finding out how the world works and how we live in society is a significant part of a child’s life, which they should learn by themselves. Simultaneously the child should learn to communicate, think, explain logically, and give proper reasoning to real-life situations. These can be developed by discussing, interacting, talking, listening, playing, etc.

Other Factors

Child Development
Child Development: Understanding The Needs Of A Child

Other factors that influence the development of children are diet, physical activities, and health.

  1. Proper Diet – A baby needs a lot of nutritious food to stay fit and healthy. It helps in generating energy and promoting growth. The continuous growth of a child is a prerequisite of child development, which every parent loves to experience. A child will be healthy is the family is healthy. Parents need to take care of the child and provide proper food for his or her growth and development.
  2. Physical Activity – Physical activities are very important for the growth of the child. Activities that require a lot of physical movement help a child in multiple ways. It develops physical strength, stamina, core strength, breathing habits, etc. A physically active child is much more developed than an unfit child.
  3. Health – The child’s health is vital in the process of growth and development. A healthy child is ready to face all the hurdles of life, but if the child’s health is not right, then it becomes an issue, and the child also feels depressed every time. If the child falls sick at regular intervals, then he or she has a weak immunity system and must be taken care of immediately.

The baby needs to have proper development, and it all depends on the family of the child. Parents must take note of everything and stay in touch with the baby doctor for assistance during the development span.

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