Child Development Stages To Implement

child development stages

Starting from infancy, growth and development do not incorporate the physical changes but also changes in mental health and emotional performance. Most people encounter a lot of physical and emotional challenges when it comes to understanding child development stages. But if you do not gain knowledge, then you will not be able to mark the trivial issues that can come up every now and then. You need to understand the behavior and the cognitive interaction of the children with the world around them. There are a lot of development skills and milestones that you need to follow, and it will start as soon as your baby is in this world. 

Milestones To Follow

Child Development

Most of the children start reaching milestones, and you have to check out how they are learning, speaking, and moving. Most children have their timeline in which they develop, but there is a generic idea about what changes you can expect as your little one grows. For example, you have to categorize the developmental milestones based on speech and language, visual and fine motor skills, dressing skills, and grooming skills. 

Measuring Physical Child Development

Child Development

Kids have their growing speed, and there are a lot of factors that come into consideration. For example, you have to check out the gender, genetics, nutrition, physical activity, health, and environment. Doctors considered a lot of growth charts that will enhance the overall well-being of the child. You have to ask whether the little one is meeting the developmental milestones and are there any signals which might support that the child is not healthy. If the child was born prematurely, it is of utmost importance to understand and diagnose the problems associated with it. 

Measurement On Growth Chart

There is a standard growth chart on which girls and boys are measured, but there can be some differences based on gender. Also, there are unique growth charts available for special children like those with down syndrome and autism. Even premature children can have a specific kind of group chat that will not be similar to the other growth charts. 

Things That Can Signal A Problem

There can be a potential problem in the child’s growth if you see any of these things. 

  • There can be a problem in the weight and height percentile change, and the pattern might not be accurate to the growth chart. Until the child is 5 to 6 years old, there is proper growth, after which it drops to the 30th percentile. But just because there is a changing percentile does not mean that there is a problem. 
  • You can diagnose a problem if the progression of the height is not according to the thumb rule and the body mass index is high or low. 


Once you know about the stages of child development, you will keep strict surveillance on mental and physical growth. So you should check as soon as your little one is born and take them to the doctor once you visualize there is the slightest inconsistency.

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