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An online child development degree makes professional child care workers, early childhood educators, and specialist child caregivers. In this degree program, students learn the basics of child development through courses in child psychology, social science, and anthropology. Teachers gain a solid foundation in knowledge about developmental psychology and become skilled at determining how children adapt to their environment and what they need to grow mentally, emotionally, physically, or socially. They also gain valuable skills for parenting children and teaching academic subjects. This is a great way to enhance the education you already have or begin a new career.

There are many types of bachelor and doctorate degree programs available in child development. For example, associate’s degrees are usually for those who already work as educators or counselors and bachelor’s degrees are for students who want to become teachers or counselors. An associate’s degree can be completed in as little as two years, while a bachelor’s degree takes longer but generally requires a four-year course of study.

Child Development Degree

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Child development degree programs generally focus on teaching methods, strategies, methods, learning theory, learning models, instruction theories, curriculum standards, and assessment tools. Some schools have preschool programs that focus on the preschoolers’ growth and development. Preschoolers’ growth and development are studied through assessments of gross motor skills, language development skills, receptive vocabulary, expressive language, visual-spatial skills, academic knowledge, and independent judgment. The primary focus is to identify the individual needs of these preschoolers and provide educational programs focused on academic and social skills, self-esteem, communication skills, and personal growth.

After graduation, most bachelor and doctorate programs in child development require students to complete internships. These are usually at community colleges and vocational schools. The duration of an internship is typically one year; however, it can vary depending on the program. Most bachelor’s programs require students to complete a minimum of two years of study at an accredited university or college. Students must also complete a minimum of three years of pre-service or hands-on training in related areas, if applicable.

There are many career options after graduation. Many people choose careers in early childhood education, preschool and kindergarten teachers, special education teachers, early childhood specialists, occupational therapy assistants, early intervention professionals, curriculum and educational directors, early childhood specialists, education directors, educational psychologists, special education nurses, psychologist assistants, physiologists, occupational therapists, and teachers’ aides. There are also career choices for those who complete online child development degree programs.

These include childcare administrators, special education teachers, special education instructors, licensed practical nurses, physical education instructors, psychologists, nutritionists, chiropractors, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, psychologists, audiology and physicists, optometrists, physician assistants, podiatrists, and health care management instructors. Online degree programs can also lead to other career opportunities, such as teachers’ aides, special education instructors, licensed practical nurses, office managers, customer service representatives, sales representatives, office staff, security officers, bookkeeping clerks, and healthcare management, assistants.

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Those who complete an accredited bachelor’s degree program in special education often find jobs in specialized elementary school teachers’ departments. Special education teachers instruct children with disabilities and other learning disorders. Aspiring teachers must obtain a special education license from their state’s department of education. In some states, licensure is granted by a local school board in conjunction with a bachelor’s degree.

Students in accredited master’s degree programs may opt to pursue professional development or advancement, which may be done on their own, through community service, internships, or paid internships. There are a number of professional development opportunities available, including professional leadership, professional management, business administration, healthcare management, teaching, counseling, law, sociology, and more. In order to advance in one of these areas of study, students must complete coursework focused on the specific area of interest. A master’s degree program can be completed in two years or longer, depending on the specific area of concentration. The length of time that a student spends in a particular Master’s degree program will be determined by the student’s planned major.

Final Words

Some students work towards their doctorate in childhood development and opt to complete the requirements on their own. A few examples of areas of concentration are child development, early childhood development, neuroscience, or teaching methods. If you are seeking additional assistance with your college career advancement, you should consider all of your options, including traditional on-campus programs, online schools, and doctorate degree programs. For more information on college degrees for children and the requirements for each degree, please visit College Degree Programs Finder.

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