Careers In Child Development – Selections From The Career Paths listed Above

careers in child development

Careers in child development are not easy. Yet, they can be very rewarding indeed. There are many different careers in child development that people may choose to get into, and finding the right one requires a lot of careful planning. For this reason, it’s important that you do some research before making any final decisions. Here are just a few of the many different careers in child development:

Different Careers In Child Development

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Preschool Specialists –

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These careers in child development are perfect for those who want to teach young children. A preschool specialist teaches preschoolers, while also working with other educational professionals, such as teachers, counselors, coaches, and psychologists. Some of the specialties that you can become certified in are: Early Childhood Development Associate, Early Childhood Educator, Early Childhood Specialist, and Early Childhood Special Education Associate. Many colleges and universities offer certification programs for these careers, which make them a great choice of career for those who enjoy helping young children.

Special Education Workers –

Those careers in child development that involve working with students, such as special education assistants, teachers, and aides, will also require a great deal of training and preparation. A typical career is also required by those who want to become a teacher, providing instruction at both the public and private school level. Some schools have a preference for people who have already taken specialized schooling courses. However, most schools allow those who have not pursued continuing education classes to pursue the education they need to teach children.

Bachelor Degrees –

There are several different careers in child development that require a bachelor degree. A typical bachelor’s degree program will usually take four years to complete. In order to qualify for the bachelor’s degree program, students must first complete their associate’s degree. After completing their associate’s degree, students must then complete a four-year public school diploma, as well as a four-year degree from an accredited university or college. Those who obtain a bachelor’s degree should be prepared to apply for the various degrees that are available to them, depending upon the type of bachelor they obtained.

Occupational Therapy Schools-

Most child development careers require that individuals know how to administer therapy treatments to others, which is where occupational therapy comes in. Occupational therapists are involved in providing treatment to individuals who have developmental disabilities, and in helping them to live productive and satisfying lives in the future. While some Occupational Therapists work directly with individuals in rehabilitation centers or hospitals, there are many others who choose to open their own practices. There is a growing trend for Occupational Therapists to open up practices in either private government, or school settings.

Many Child Development Professionals Work at Various Educational Facilities – While these career fields do all of their work within the same facility, they often do their jobs in many different schools. Nurses work in a number of different schools, from Head Start to Specialized Elementary Schools. Licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses assist teachers and other educational professionals in teaching the skills that they need to educate a child. Many of these career fields also provide special education services to students with special needs.

Child Care Director And Educator –

Child development professionals who work within the educational system generally work as Child Care Directors at one school, or many schools throughout the state. These individuals are responsible for coordinating day-to-day operations at many different schools and in coordinating after school programs for students who have left the school system. A Child Care Director typically works with teachers, as well as other employees in the school district. They also may oversee after school programs and special education programs, and coordinate after school clubs and activities. However, a Child Care Director does not generally perform clinical tasks.

Final Thoughts

Other career fields that may appeal to you to include: Early Intervention/First Intervention/Home visitation Director, Home visitation coordinator, Rehabilitative Staffing Associate/Social Service Worker, Social Service Recipient/Personal Assistant, and Early Intervention/First Job Supervisors. Each of these career paths is very different, and many different positions may be filled within each of them, depending upon your interests and talents. As you can see, there are many different options available to you. Which one best suits you?

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