Best parenting type and its definition

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In a broad general sense, there are four basic types of parents. This is subjective to the culture that they grew up in as well as their personal beliefs. We all have different ways that we were raised. Sometimes it might be called barbaric by another culture but was normal for them. Best parenting type and its definition is based on the parents who put their children’s best interest at heart.

The four different types of parents are Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive, and Uninvolved.

1) Authoritarian Parenting

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Authoritarian parenting is one where parents tend to be demanding, rigid and forceful. The children are expected to follow their parent’s dictates without questioning them. Unfortunately, these children might end up with low self-esteem because they will learn not to trust themselves but instead look outside for answers and direction.

2) Authoritative Parenting

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Authoritative parenting is considered the best type of parenting. It has been found that children of authoritative parents do better in life than others. They tend to be independent, self-confident, and also have good social skills. These children are given guidelines but not rigid rules. They are allowed to think for themselves but are guided in their choices.

Authoritative parents tend to be less controlling and more responsive than authoritarian ones because they feel that children need love, support, and guidance in life. They come up with rules or guidelines based on what is acceptable to them as long as it does not harm the child’s well-being.

3) Uninvolved Parenting

These parents tend to be neglectful and emotionally distant from their children. They set very few guidelines for the child and do not monitor the child closely. Without limits and boundaries, children can easily cross over into other people’s space and become a problem in society by engaging in minor criminal activities like shoplifting, bullying, or stealing with little or no consequences because the parents are not there to hold them accountable.

4) Permissive Parenting

Permissive parenting is a form of neglectful parenting where the parent does not set any guidelines or rules for their children. The parent might be very loving and caring but fails to take into consideration that their children have basic needs as all people do. The permissive parent might be afraid to set limits because they do not want their children to hate them or feel they are being forced into something they don’t want to do. They avoid discipline and as a result, the children tend to not develop independence as well as low self-esteem.


The best parenting type is authoritative which includes having rules, guidelines, and boundaries that are age-appropriate for the children. The rules are based on empathy, knowledge of child development and also taking into consideration what is best for the child as opposed to what the parent wants.

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