Baby’s First Year: How Infants Develop

Baby’s First Year: How Infants Develop

Babies undergo this unbelievable transformation from being a helpless newborn to an active toddler in just twelve months. Infants develop and change at a very rapid pace. If you are thinking about how infants develop, you should know that every month of growth in a baby brings exciting and new developments.

As far as new parents are concerned, they should have in mind that infants develop at their very own pace. Different babies have different growth patterns. Here, we will be having a look at each three-month growth stage of babies in their first year.

Baby’s First Year: How Infants Develop
Baby’s First Year: How Infants Develop

How Infants Develop: One To Three Months

This is the very first stage of the development of a baby. The brains and bodies of infants learn to survive in the exterior world during this stage. Babies between one and three months of development might start:

  • Smiling: Your infant will not only smile to himself but will even begin to responding to your smile.
  • Tracking things
  • Raising her chest and head
  • Gripping objects in his hands
  • Opening and shutting his eyes while bringing his hands to the mouth
  • Taking swipes or reaching dangling objects.

How Infants Develop: Four To Six Months

These are the months when your infant will learn, reaching out, and even manipulating the exteriors around him. Babies in this stage of development master the use of their hands, and they even start discovering voices. Between four and six months, babies probably:

  • Babble or make sounds similar to the original language.
  • Rollover on their fronts and backs
  • Reach out and grab things. They can catch hair or even clutch toys and various other things.
  • Have perfect head control while sitting up through support.

Development Of A Baby: Seven To Nine Months

This is the time when your little bundle of joy starts rolling over while figuring out the right way of moving forward and backwards. You need to baby-proof the entire house because there is good trouble coming your way! During these months, babies start crawling on their knees and hands. However, some babies do not crawl and get into walking directly. Your infant will learn to sit up straight without any support and will even try to stand. Babies during this development stage start responding to some familiar terms like “Dada” and “Mama.”

Baby’s First Year: How Infants Develop
Baby’s First Year: How Infants Develop

How Infants Develop: Ten To Twelve Months

This entire period is entirely transitory. Your baby is not an infant anymore, and she might start acting like a lively toddler. She learns to feed herself, move around, and say other specific words. Infants at this stage learn to point at things they need and even take their first steps. Babies learn to walk only when they complete their first year, but some of them might start doing so early on.

Consulting A Child Specialist

If you think that your infant is not able to achieve developmental milestones at the right stage, it is time for you to consult a paediatrician. Only a child specialist will be able to help you with early intervention. You will know the right way of feeding and mingling with your child so that he or she can grow in the proper manner.

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