Baby Milestones Of The First Six Months

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All of us want to be proud parents. What could be better than our babies hitting all the necessary baby milestones to become a well-rounded child? You will find that babies tend to grow very first during the first year of their lives. The first six months will be especially striking. For one, you will still be getting used to watching your baby go through the major achievement stages. Developmental milestones can be easily identified if you are keeping an eye out.

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Baby Milestones

First 1 to 3 Months

The first three months see the transformation of the newborn into an active infant. You will notice that the baby starts becoming more independent with every passing day. The newborn reflexes are usually gone by the end of this period. The baby’s vision improves, and as a result, he or she takes a greater interest in the surroundings.

Babies are able to follow the sight of a moving object successfully. They even gain the power to recognize something familiar and acknowledge it. It is also the time when you will notice that the baby starts using the eyes and the limbs in coordination. Be prepared to melt when your baby looks at you and smiles. You will also find that the baby makes noises to acknowledge things because they still have not learnt how to speak properly.  

The baby’s neck muscles also tend to grow stronger during this period. Initially, babies are able to hold their heads up only for a few seconds when they are on their stomachs. However, the muscles become stronger each time the head is held up. By the end of three months, the baby can hold the head and chest up successfully.

The arm and hand movement of the baby also undergoes improvement. He or she is able to open the tight and clenched fist to reveal an open hand that can grab things easily. The baby explores the hand by bringing it closer to the mouth. If you place toys near the baby, he or she will definitely take a swing at them.

Next 4 to 6 Months

This is the period when the baby is able to coordinate his or her newly acquired perceptive abilities. The baby is able to use vision, touch, hearing and the motor skills together in order to get an idea of the world. The baby has more control over his or her actions and will be able to make conscious decisions.

The baby has a tendency to explore new things by putting them into the mouth during this period. The communication skills are on the rise, and the baby will be able to convey any positive or negative emotion successfully.

Babies tend to develop a strong attachment to their parents during this time. The baby will be able to support his or her entire weight.
Keep checking off the milestones! We’re sure you’d be proud as a parent to see your child grow.

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