Baby Development – What Parents Should Know About Baby’s Brain Development

baby development 7 weeks

Throughout your baby’s development you’ll notice that the baby is not getting tired easily, he doesn’t cry too much either and he seems to be growing up faster. These are all obvious signs of baby development. And you should be aware of these stages, so that you’ll know when it’s time to expect something different from the usual.

At birth, your baby is not yet a baby but you can already be able to tell that he will one day become a baby. You should begin to see some changes in the umbilical cord temperature. It should start getting warmer and cooler. It also moves towards a relaxed position. You can also notice that his breathing is getting easier as well as his heart rate.

Developmental Stage:

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The development of baby’s senses starts happening slowly. He might not seem like he’s following your commands but most of the time, he does. Your baby will start to understand simple words such as ‘head’, ‘home’ and ‘toilet’. His vision also starts developing and he might not need glasses for seeing clearly.


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Just like adults, your baby will be starting to learn to talk. He will start to use simple words and phrases. He might not pronounce them perfectly yet but at least, he tries. By the third month, your baby can already talk easily on his own. He will be able to communicate with his parents and other people in his surroundings.

Sensory Development:

By the fourth month of baby’s development, he gets to have some sense of touch. He can grasp objects with his fingers and toes. He can hold or pick up small toys and things. He can even push a toy away if he finds it hard to push it up. At the fifth month, your baby can even feel and operate with his muscles.

Cognitive development:

By six months old, he can already communicate with others by speaking, listening, seeing and pointing at them. He can speak basic words and say them correctly. At eight to nine months of his development, he can already write and read basic books.

Physical development:

By ten months of baby’s life, he can already walk, and sit up. He can also crawl when necessary. At the twelve to eighteen month of his life, he can already run and climb. He can push himself forward by running to reach a piece of equipment or climb a ladder.

It is really exciting to see your baby grow and develop. You’ll notice that he is smiling more frequently and is always exuding confidence. His skin is getting some tones and he is acquiring his personality traits as he grows and develops. All these are because of your loving and constant effort and support. So don’t ever get worried about the baby development and keep up with his progress and you’ll definitely enjoy the process.

The baby’s diet:

A healthy diet for baby includes breast milk, formula or breast milk alternatives. Avoid foods that have too many additives and don’t give him table salt. When it comes to foods, stay away from spicy food and those that contain a lot of sugar. In general, the more natural the food is, the healthier it will be for your baby.

Baby clothes:

Baby clothing is very expensive nowadays. You will only get your baby a few shirts and sleep wear. Breast milk or formula can be fed to your baby in the early months, while solid food should be given at four to six months of age. During this period, parents can buy their baby soft, comfortable clothes and lots of blankets to keep them warm.

Baby toys:

There are lots of cute baby toys on the market today that parents can buy for their little bundle of joy. But before doing so, parents must make sure that the toys can help enhance the baby’s development. Toys are great if you want your baby to stimulate his senses, but not if the toys can encourage him to put his fingers in his mouth. Some toys can help with hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Parents must be careful with these toys.

In The End

Healthy babies have strong immune systems, so parents should keep their baby in a healthy environment at all times. During the first month of the baby’s life, he receives intensive care from his parents. At this stage, he should receive plenty of nourishment, not just water and food. He cannot have any food or fluid until after two weeks of life, when he receives food through the mother’s milk. At this stage, he should also get plenty of bedding that is designed for newborns, as well as bedding and clothing for playing.

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