Baby Development Tips For Mothers

2 Month Baby Development

Writing about babies comes with some exciting revelations. This is because what we know about babies is nothing compared to what we do not know. Whether they are essential or not, there is a lot about newborns that are mostly unknown. In some cases, even people intentionally do not concern themselves with some realities surrounding babies, particularly when it comes to babies’ development. Taking care of babies is a huge task, no doubt about that. What is more interesting about the development of babies is that their growth is in stages. As a result of this, it is essential to know about baby development and the phases involved to be able to prepare for it. 

One of the truths about baby development is that it has to do with specific planning and preparations, as we said. One reason why babies’ growth is hampered is due to the lack of proper response to their current stage of development. Babies’ development and growth within the first year is both delightful and as well, can be stressful. The coos, cuddles, and smiles of a healthy baby would definitely make you happy. On the other hand, the late night cries, feeding, and diapering can get your hands full and too busy to attend to some other things.

The reality is that babies change rapidly as they grow. You cannot do anything about this but can only manage the growth positively. The changes can be physical and cognitive, which says much about the way the babies think, learn, and react. For better understanding, let us list the recognized five stages of development in babies.

·         Newborn

·         Infant

·         Toddler

·         Preschool

·         School age

These stages required different approaches that will help you properly manage the growth and development process. Here, we will focus on the growth and development stage of two months old baby. Since you are bound to see some rapid changes, the best you can do is know how to help the baby grow and develop well.

Two Month Baby Development Plan

A woman holding a baby

At two months old, you may experience some minor issues concerning your baby’s health. For instance, you should expect sneezing, thrush, baby acne, reflux, diaper rash, and upper respiratory infections at that age. For babies with complicated health issues, you may need to make special considerations. On the better side, there are some interesting activities for a 2-month old baby that helps them grow and develop well. Consider the following:

·         Play with Wiggle toys. Babies are attracted to brightly coloured objects as they develop their vision and tracking skills. You can also introduce colours to help their sensory development and eye coordination.

·         Talk to you, baby. This will help them pick voices and improve their vocal and language skills.

·         Cuddle. A strong bond should exist between you and your baby. Making time to cuddle build bonding and emotional development.

·         Explore through touch. Introducing them through different materials, objects, and sensations is a good way to build their tactile and sensory skills.

·         Tummy placement. Well, this is a good way to build strength and improve physical development. For instance, it builds coordination in the muscles and helps babies quickly learn how to roll over and move around. Placing your baby on your tummy is also good for bonding.

·         Family bonding and moving around. This helps build their social skills, improve their bonding, and spatial awareness.

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