Baby Development Timeline And The Phases

Baby Development Timeline

Now that you are a newbie parent handling a kid, congratulations! Your life is going to turn upside down because you hardly have any experience. It is a special feeling to see your baby grow, and most of the baby development timeline is confined to the first year. There are various stages in which your baby develops, and you can notice most of the changes in the first year itself. If you are completely newbie to the idea of parenting, you would want to check out the monthly changes that are happening in the baby. So what are you waiting for?

The First Month Changes- Baby Development Timeline

In the very first month, your baby might seem to you like an eating and pooping machine, but a lot more is happening. There are numerous milestones to watch out for- for example; the baby would try to curl their fist and bring them to their mouths. They will not be accurate, but there will be a development of reflexes. You will see the baby flinching at something loud and will also shut the eyelids if something is too bright. They will have a clear focus on the object within 12 feet of their range and will again turn heads at familiar sounds.

2nd-Month Milestone

When the baby reaches the second month, the reflexes will grow stronger. You can see an apparent change by the end of the second month because now he or she will start making sounds. If you listen carefully, it is going to be gurgling and cooing sound, and they will also try to follow any movement that happens around. The eyes’ coordination will not be perfect, but they will at least try to track things moving. They will know how to lie on their tummy and hold the head up.

3rd-Month Transition- Baby Development Timeline

Your baby will grow independent slowly, and you can leave them for a while. This is the time when the cuteness starts kicking in, and you will spend hours watching them. By the end of the third month, the baby will smile at your voice and recognize it. It will be a symbol that the baby likes your voice, and they will also keep their legs while they are on their stomach. If you give them toys, they will be able to hold it, and now they can accurately put their fist into their mouths. They will make more oh and ah sounds and start recognizing faces that they have already seen.

4th Month

In this period, the baby is trying to make everything perfect, and his or her grip will be firmer. It can track the movement more precisely and push on the legs. It will have more flexibility and try to push on the floor if held in a standing position. In the fifth and the sixth months, you can see innumerable changes like dragging their feet and sitting up.


When you check out the month on month changes that is happening in the baby, you will feel delighted. There are a lot of baby development timeline applications that you can download and track your baby’s changes. It will help you determine whether your baby is a fast or late learner.

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