Baby Development 3 Weeks- All You Need To Know

baby development 3 weeks

Now that your newborn baby is just three weeks old, he or she is no longer a sleepy infant. They will soon turn into a full-fledged infant and are ready to keep you very busy. There is a lot of growth and development which will be happening, and you should be ready for some challenges as well. Now it is time for you to get all alert and excited so that you can face all the hurdles on the way. Remember that your little one is going to get stronger every single day, and you have to give them proper tummy time. Try to lift their heads every now and then, and with practice, they will get even better. The babies will cry more than they used to, and some will wail more than the others.

3 Week Old Baby’s Growth And Development -Baby Development 3 Weeks

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Now that your kid is growing, they will be packing more weight. Try not to compare with other babies because every kid is different. But you still have to look closely so that you can understand the growth and development of the baby. If your baby is having a big jump in growth, then the baby might be gaining too fast. That means he or she is eating a bit too much. Also, if the growth is not up to the mark, this means she is not getting ample to eat. So why should you wait anymore? Get your baby checked now and then so that you can sense how your baby is growing.

Postpartum Baby Tips To Take Care Of

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Are you having problems in breastfeeding? Then it might be a medical issue, and you should get the issue checked by a doctor for sure. It can happen due to numerous reasons like allergies, intolerance to certain formula as well as prematurity of the baby. There are certain things that you want to keep in mind which will help you in the breastfeeding process. Make sure that your best friend does not become your breast friend. You never know the problems that your baby might have when they are feeding on some other breast. Instead, you can try buying the milk from the bank so that you can get the best quality colostrum.

Soothing The Skin Of The Baby-Baby Development 3 Weeks

Your baby can have a lot of skin imperfections like pimples, which is why you have to start taking care early. Also, you need to take care of the bum rashes, which can happen due to diapers and cradle caps. Use medicated ointments, and all the skin complications will go away.

Fecal Problems

Try to do Kegels whenever you can so that your perineum muscles can become tight all over again. This will also make digestion better, and you should focus on eating a gas-conscious diet as well. Talk to the doctor instead of becoming shy, and you will no longer have other health concerns.


Now that you know about baby development for three weeks, you should not have any problems in taking care of your newborn baby. So what are you waiting for when you should consult the doctor right away?

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