Autism Spectrum Disorders Symptoms And Signs

Autism Spectrum Disorders Symptoms And Signs

Autism spectrum disorders are the condition impacting the brain development of an individual. It disturbs the usual way in which a person socializes and also perceives things.

Thus, the condition can cause problems in communication and social interaction. It also involves repetitive or limited behavioral patterns. Here, the term “spectrum” stands for the vast number of signs and severity of the condition.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Symptoms And Signs
Autism Spectrum Disorders Symptoms And Signs

Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum Disorder Start Showing Early In Life

Autism spectrum disorder is the inclusion of conditions previously considered separate issues. These include Asperger’s syndrome, autism, pervasive and unspecified development disorder, and also childhood disintegrative issue.

Signs of this condition start appearing when a person is still a child. Such children have problems when it comes to socializing and engaging with other children at school. While there does not exist any cure for this problem, early and intensive treatment can make a huge difference.

Major Signs Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Quite early in infancy, children start showing signs of the disorder. These include lack of proper response, indifference to care providers, and also no eye contact. Other kids might develop in a usual manner for the first few years or months. Nevertheless, they will suddenly show signs of aggressiveness and withdrawal. Such children will also lose their language skills.

Symptoms of the conditions are evident by the time a child reaches two years of age. Thus, children with this disorder are likely to have a specific behavioral pattern and severity level.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Symptoms And Signs
Autism Spectrum Disorders Symptoms And Signs

Other Important Symptoms

Some kids with this disorder will find it very difficult to learn new things. Others have signs of abnormal intelligence. However, children with this problem can even have high or normal intelligence. These are dependent on the individual. The ones with high or normal intelligence learn things very quickly. Nevertheless, they have trouble to communicate.

Such children will have issues in applying what they have learned in everyday life and in adjusting to different social situations. Since there is a complete mixture of various symptoms in different kids, the severity of this disorder might be a little challenging to determine. The severity level is determined by evaluating the level of impairment and the way it is influencing the person’s ability to function correctly.

Social Interaction And Communication

Children, and also adults with autism spectrum disorder can have issues with social communication and interaction skills. They will show signs like:

  • Not responding to their names or not hearing things very often.
  • Speaking abnormally or without any tone and rhythm. Such people can use robot-like or singsong tone.
  • People with Autism spectrum disorder resist holding and also cuddling. They like being alone and have their little world.
  • Such people do not show any facial expressions.
  • They cannot start conversations or keep conversations going.
  • The sufferers generally have delayed speech, or they do not speak at all.
  • They repeat phrases and words but do not know the right way of using them.
  • Such individuals do not express any feelings or emotions. They are unaware of the feelings of other people.

Behavioral patterns and significant fluctuations in these patterns are also an essential sign of autism spectrum disorder.

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