An Education Plan For Child Development Major

child development major

Child development majors offer a variety of career options that offer great earning potential. Students can choose to focus their career on one of the many development disciplines such as educational counseling, Early Childhood Development, or Developmental Psychology. They may also choose to specialize in a particular area of child development such as Early Childhood Development, Autism, or Neurological Disorders.

About Child Development Major

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Child development majors at some schools prepare students to enter careers in early childhood education, elementary teaching, kindergarten teacher preparation, Head Start, or childcare. Other graduates pursue graduate programs at colleges and universities that focus on pediatricians, therapists, and teachers. The curriculum at these graduate schools is designed to prepare students for professional positions in development, child welfare, and educational management. Students can expect to take classes in curriculum, research, practice in various settings, and leadership development.

Students who wish to enter an undergraduate program in child development may apply to either the Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program. Both undergraduate programs prepare students for a career in developmental education. Admission requirements for the two undergraduate programs are the same; however, there is an additional prerequisite for those applicants wishing to enroll in a graduate program in child development. Those applicants wishing to enroll must have at least a 3.0 GPA at the time of application.

Options For Prospective Students

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There are also options for prospective students who already possess a bachelor’s degree in childhood education. Most accredited programs will accept a student with a bachelor’s degree who is eligible to enroll as a student without having already completed a bachelor’s degree. For students who qualify for acceptance into an Associate’s program, they will be required to take general education courses. Some courses will prepare students to enter the field as well as core courses that will help them prepare for their profession. The course work will also help students prepare for their careers in early childhood development.

The next step for those students wishing to enter child development majors is to decide on the area of study that best suits them. There are various areas of study within early childhood psychology. Psychology is a very diverse field that welcomes those with all levels of experience in it. There are many different concentrations within this discipline; therefore, prospective students should consider which of these areas interest them.

About Family Development

Family development is one of the most popular concentrations within early childhood and family development. There are many students who complete their degrees in family development. In order to succeed in this concentration area, prospective students must be able to interweave theoretical concepts with a heavy dose of practical application. People who elect to focus on family development must have a strong interest in researching the history of family life from the perspective of both the individual and the family.

Students who wish to continue on with their education plan into their child development major may choose to enroll in upper division classes. Upper division classes focus on the biological, historical, sociological, emotional, social, psychological, neurological, developmental, and intellectual aspects of child development. Upper division classes are often challenging; however, they are extremely helpful in gaining a solid foundation in the area of early childhood education.

Final Thoughts

If an individual is hoping to pursue a career that involves working with children, an associate’s degree in early childhood education may be the right choice for them. Students looking to major in this area should have strong educational backgrounds and a strong background in psychology. An associate’s degree is typically program specific; therefore, students should always consult an education counselor or university professional before making any final decisions. An associate’s degree in child development major will be useful for individuals who wish to work with infants and young children as well as adults. Many individuals use their spare time in an area such as this one.

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