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Finding a perfect pouch that is ideal in every way for storing all your things can be difficult. Some pouches are way too bulky, and when you find a slim pouch, it doesn’t have compartments. Your search might just come to an end today with this multipurpose pencil case. It is ideally a pencil case, but can also be used as a travel pouch. Whenever you select a pouch, it is very important to select one made of canvas. Canvas material is very durable and sturdy. It is water-resistant and doesn’t wear out or fade very quickly. Unlike other materials, canvas doesn’t even wrinkle which means your pouch will be looking just as new even after several years of use. Everybody would like to have a perfect stationery case where they can store all their favorite stationery items and we have an exclusive product like that specifically for pencils. In this article, we have discussed everything we need to know about having this pencil case at home.

Multipurpose Pencil Case

A pouch needs to have multiple compartments to store different things. As a student, you might want to neatly segregate your pens, pencils, highlighters, markers into different compartments so you don’t have to rifle through every compartment when you need something specific. This multipurpose pencil case is just the perfect choice because it has a lot of compartments that are spacious enough to store a lot of stuff. This will allow you to organize your pens, erasers, pencils, markers conveniently. Space is also a very important feature when it comes to pouches. They should be spacious enough to store all the necessary stuff. Even though it’s a pencil pouch, it can be very efficiently used as a pouch to store all your toiletries while traveling. The pouch has multiple spacious compartments to store toiletries. It is an ideal pouch for office, school, and also for travel. Its canvas material is very durable and sturdy. It is also available in 4 different colors, blue, grey, red, and green.

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  • Type: Pencil Case
  • Category: Pencil Bag
  • Model Number: RB014
  • Brand Name: PHANTACI
  • Size: 21.5*9.5*4.5cm
  • Novelty: Yes
  • Use: Schools & Offices
  • Material: Canvas
A piece of luggage


  • Multiple compartments to segregate stuff. 
  • Spacious enough to store all toiletries or stationery. 
  • Made from very high-quality material.
  • Has water-resistant canvas.
  • Ideal for traveling, office as well as school/college. 
  • Is lightweight and sturdy. 
  • Also has a proper compartment to fix your pens.
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  • Is slightly expensive. 
  • No size variants are available. 
  • Only available in 4 colors. 


All in all, this multipurpose pencil pouch is an ideal choice if you are looking for something that you can switch as per your needs. You can use this as a pencil pouch on regular days and also as a toiletries pouch when you are traveling.

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