A brief about tiger parenting

The word “helicopter parent” has become part of our living vernacular. It refers to a parenting style where parents are over-controlling, obsessed with their child’s achievements and success, constantly checking up on them, micromanaging their lives even when they have grown into adults.

Another term that has gained popularity recently is “tiger mom.” It’s a reference to the type of parent who expects high standards from their child, pushing them towards academic excellence. It’s a parenting style that is all about discipline, strict rules, and high expectations.

From a very young age, children are taught to work hard towards achieving academic excellence. Parents often set out a plan for the child from a very early stage in their lives – right from kindergarten or preschool so that their child stays ahead of the pack. They push their child to work extra hard in school, do well in their studies, and excel in every exam. The logic is that good grades lead to a successful future.

Here are a few types and habits of tiger parenting.

1. Push their children to achieve academic excellence

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Tiger parents push their children to achieve academic excellence. They stress that grades and degrees are the most important things in life, and will do whatever it takes to ensure their child does well at school.

2. Tiger parents believe in strict discipline

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They set out rules and expect their children to follow them to the dot. And if they don’t there will be a punishment. Tiger parents believe that following rules will help their children do well in life.

3. They expect a lot from their child

Tiger parents have great expectations from their children and want them to always give their best at everything they undertake i.e school work, extracurricular activities, etc. Every time their child falls short of the mark, they are disappointed. Tiger parents believe that high expectations lead to success.

4. Don’t spare anything for their children

Tiger parents spend lavishly on their child’s education and extracurricular activities, shelling out money on tuition classes, music lessons, etc so that their child does well in life. They want the best for their child.

5. They are always available to help their children with schoolwork

Tiger parents make it a point to be there for every possible opportunity where they can help their kids with homework or projects, studying for exams, etc. Even though they may not have the required expertise in certain subjects, they want to do everything in their power to help their child succeed.

6. Tiger parents check upon every aspect of their child’s life

Tiger parents know what their children are doing at all times and always want to know what they’re up to even when there’s no reason for concern. They keep tabs on them and most often than not, discourage them from hanging out with friends because they believe it’s important they focus on their schoolwork.

7. Tiger parents are eager to provide the best for their child

They will spend lavishly on expensive gadgets and clothes so that their kids look good and fit in at school, believing it will help them do better in life. They want what is best for their children and want them to excel in everything they undertake.

8. Tiger parents expect their child to be honest and truthful at all times

Tiger parents believe that honesty is the best policy and will reprimand or punish their children if they lie or cheat. They want them to stick to the truth always so that life becomes easier for them later on when they don’t get help from others just because they’re dishonest and lazy.

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