6 Factors Affecting Physical Development In Children

6 factors affecting physical development in children

Both nature and nurture are important to bestow good physic and health. And not everybody enjoys the same. It is the physical development and mental abilities that differentiate people.

Numerous factors influence mental as well as physical development in children. Every parent should know how physical health and mental growth gets affected by the following factors.

6 Factors Affecting Physical Development In Children

1. Heredity

Heredity is nothing more than the transmission of parental or ancestral genes. This is what a child gets from parents.

You may have heard various times that your nose like your father, your eyes are more like your mother, etc. Your body shape depends on potentials that you get as a carried forward system. In most of the case, genes carry the physical characters of parents.

2. Sex Difference

Boys and girls both have different determining factors affecting physical development. At initial stages, girl child tends to has better bones and muscle development, while in boy child; they grow slower yet more powerful till the end of childhood.

Boys grow taller and stronger than girls while girls become physically mature at earlier stages. Such changes are due to the different sexual structure of the body.

3. Nutrition

No matter its childhood or adolescence, nutrition plays a key role in the physical development of everybody. The body is machine and nutrition is like a fuel for it. If you will fill it with good quality of fuel, it will work well or vice versa.

Malnutrition can cause serious physical and mental disorders or disabilities.

4. Hormones

Hormones activate different glands residing in different parts of the body. Their timely functions ensure the growth of a child. Like activation of pituitary gland will decide your height while thyroid ensures physical structure. Both hyper-functioning and low functioning of such glands may result in abnormal physic.

So, it is important to have a balanced working mechanism of hormones in the body.

5. Physical Activities

6 Factors Affecting Physical Development In Children

From birth to childhood, exercises or physical activities play a great role in the overall development of a child. However, exercise doesn’t mean regular and disciplined exercise. It simply means playful activities that help in muscle building and put on bone mass.

Good physical activities improve brain power too in children.

6. Prenatal Period

The physical structure of a child starts to build in the womb. It is the period which decides how you will look like, your eyes will be big or small, how your ear, nose and other parts of the body will appear. So, the prenatal period is one of the most influential factors in the physical development of a child. That’s why it is advised to mothers to better take care of their health during pregnancy.

If a mother is healthy and takes a good amount of nutrition, protein, and other minerals, there are fair chances to have a healthy child.

Other than the above, various other factors like environment, family love and care, geographical conditions, and socioeconomic status influences the growth of a child.

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