6 Activities That Can Improve Early Childhood Development

Early childhood development is crucial for every baby because it dictates how they will turn out as children. A 20-year study of children conducted in Jamaica by James Heckman and his colleagues showed that early stimulation can increase the future earnings of children by 25%.

Early childhood development

The Top 6 Activities to Boost Early Childhood Development

However, it is not as easy as it sounds considering that only 50% of all three to six-year-olds worldwide can access pre-primary education. Sometimes, you will have to take initiatives at home to stimulate your children. The following activities can help.

1. Use textures:

Most toddlers are sensory learners which is why you should use their sense of touch to make them learn new things about the world. Play with textures if you want to get through them. You can trace letters and numbers on a three-dimensional surface. Studying the shapes with their hands will help toddlers pick them up much faster, something applicable to children around the world.

2. Teach them numbers in the practical world:

You can teach your child how to measure different items using everyday objects surrounding them. A ruler is the most popular measuring tool but you can also teach your child about months and seasons using this method. You can also teach him or her about counting by lining up objects.

3. Label items:

Labels help children pick up the idea of pictorial representation faster. They understand that everything can be expressed using a common set of symbols. You can begin by labelling just one or two items around the house and then switch it up every week. Make sure that you use the same font, and size when creating the labels so that your children find it easier to identify them. If the children already know letters, this method helps them pick up words faster.

4. Teach them organisation:

Do not wait a long time before teaching your children about the concepts of neatness and organisation. Teaching them how to organise different things will also promote a helpful spirit because they will be more likely to offer you assistance. Make cleaning fun for them by introducing a game that will challenge their minds.

5. Organise regular scavenger hunts:

Children are curious about all kinds of things because they enjoy learning about new things. They like to be investigators and explore all around the place. This gives them a sense of importance and also teaches them skills at the same time. You can organise a scavenger hunt so that your children can hone their reasoning skills while having fun. Promise them a small reward to make it all the more interesting for them.

6. Go travelling:

Do not keep your children locked inside the house. Your parental instincts might tell you to keep them inside in order to keep them secure, but even they need a change of scenery at times. Take them around the neighbourhood and introduce them to new places and new people. They will pick the visual details fairly quickly.

Make learning fun!

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