5 Types Of Parenting Styles

Types of parenting styles

It is senseless to claim any parenting style as the right way of parenting. There is a lot of variation in upbringing children. So, perfect parenting is a myth.

Researchers say that strategies of raising a child vary from guardian to guardian. Although every parenting style is different, there are still a few common things among all. But all you should notice is how parenting impacts your child. Check out following ways of upbringing and mark in which category you fall.

5 Types Of Parenting Styles

1. Disciplinarian

As the name suggests, these kinds of guardian prefer discipline over any other things. It is also known as the authoritarian parenting style. Children, who entertain such dictatorship kind of parenting, rarely communicate with their parents. So, there is only one-way communication from parents to children.

Studies reveal that such style of parenting may lead to behavioral problems in children. Standards and expectation are quite high but with limited flexibility. Ultimately, it results in less nurturing.

2. Permissive

5 Types of parenting styles
5 Types Of Parenting Styles

Again similar to the title, such parents permit their kids to do what they want. It is also known as indulgent parenting because parents tend to be more like friends than guardians in this form. In fact, you can say that it is completely opposite parenting style of discipline. So, the results are also opposite and such children are open to communication.

There are limited rules and expectation and children are free to direct themselves rather getting an already set direction.

3. Uninvolved

Uninvolved parents stay free and keep their children free. Studies resulted that either such parents lack caring or they lack information or time. A communication gap resists between both the parties with no expectation. They tend to give useless freedom to their children and results in little nurture.

Hard working parents who rarely get time to spend with their children tend to fall in this category. Children with parenting pattern used to find love outside family or mother or father.

4. Authoritative Parents

Authoritative parents are comparatively liberal and reasonable than authoritarians. However, they also set high and clear expectations, but they tend to be more nurturing and flexible. They don’t dominate like disciplinary parents rather they believe in inculcating self-discipline. So, they used to explain the reasons behind everything and try to build understanding instead of ordering their child.

However such upbringing enjoys a good interaction, but communication is not as lenient as in permissive parenting. It is considered as one of the best parenting styles.

5. Attachment Parenting

In this pattern, parents and children entertain a stronger bond and serious affection. They feed their children with extreme love, care, and respect. But they are more protective and feel unsecured. It leads to the more sensitive nature of children who feel it hard to bear the bitter realities of society or the practical world. Such children may live in fantasy or imaginary world and tend to be less social. It is because the closeness fosters a strong family connection.

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