10 Reasons to be a Parent Life is Crazy

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Parenting is crazy. There are so many things to do and remember, it can be hard to keep track of all the important items. Parenting is a full-time job. Here are the top ten reasons why parent life is crazy:

You have to always be on alert.

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There is no break when you’re a parent. You are constantly responsible for your child and need to be prepared for anything that could happen. Whether it’s a meltdown in the grocery store or a fever in the middle of the night, you never know what might come up.

Your schedule is always changing.

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Your parent’s lives can be very unpredictable since you are dealing with a small human who needs food, water, love and attention all the time! You could have plans one night but then need to change them the next day because your child gets sick or there’s something going on at school that requires your presence.

You need to be ready for anything.

There are so many unexpected situations that could come up when you parent, such as getting the flu or having a wardrobe malfunction at an important event like a wedding! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out but sometimes it just happens and there isn’t much you can do about it except keep going.

There’s no reward for hard work.

Parenting can be very stressful, especially when you’re trying to get the house clean and everyone ready in time for dinner but your child is running around like a wild animal! You know that parent life isn’t easy so it would be nice if there was something at the end of every day to show for all your hard work, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

You’re always on the go.

From running errands to going to appointments, you are constantly on the move when you parent. This can be tiring but it’s also a great opportunity for your child to see different parts of the world and learn about new things.

You can never go back to a normal schedule.

Once you parent, your life is always going to be different from everyone else’s because there are so many rules and restrictions that come with being a parent. You have to accept this fact early on in the process of parenting otherwise it will drive you crazy.

You have to be a role model.

Parenting is all about teaching your child what it means to be human and how they should live their life going forward, which can sometimes feel like an impossible task! No parent is perfect but children learn from everything you do so make sure that you are putting forth the best possible example for them.

You have to parent on your own.

It’s so hard when you’re a parent and feel like no one is there for you — it can be very lonely at times! However, parenting is not something that should ever be done alone because of how difficult the process will become if you don’t receive any support from friends or family members.

You have to always be prepared.

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is that you never know what’s going to happen next! As a parent, it’s important that you are always prepared for anything so that you can handle whatever comes your way. This might mean having extra clothes and diapers handy or knowing how to deal with an emergency.

Parenting is the most rewarding experience you will ever have.

Despite all of the challenges that come with parenting, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have in your life. Watching your child grow and learn is an amazing process and one that should be cherished every day.


Parent life is crazy and there are a lot of challenges that come with it but you’ll never know what true love means until you parent. Make sure you cherish every moment because it goes by quickly.Parenting, challenges, rewards, experience, love parenting is a great challenge. There are so many challenges that come with raising a child but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have in your life.

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